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With the advent of mobile Internet era, social media such as Weixin and Weibo are more closely related to people's daily life. A wave of micro-marketing of sanitary ware brand is coming, which makes it possible for enterprises to achieve low-cost and high-efficiency communication. At the time of the rapid rise of social networking, bathroom manufacturers are inevitably faced with the profound changes brought by social media to marketing. As a novice in micro-marketing of bathroom brands, bathroom manufacturers must be cautious in order to avoid hurting others and hurting themselves.
Micro-marketing of Sanitary Ware Brand is prevalent in Sanitary Ware Industry
According to reports, China's active users of Weixin have reached more than 700 million, and the market potential of Weixin is growing. It has become a general consensus of the business community. During the Spring Festival this year alone, the number of red envelopes sent and received by micro-credit households reached 3.27 billion times.  Because of the convenience of instant communication, the popularity of mobile payment and logistics network, Wechat Friendship Circle marketing has become an inevitable trend. Not only traditional businesses often use this marketing tool, but also ordinary people are trying to use this low-cost business model to expand the space for personal career development. Therefore, all kinds of household industries, including bathroom manufacturers, have begun to use Wechat Friendship Circle marketing.
As we all know, the Wechat Friendship Circle generally has the characteristics of acquaintance society, and the degree of understanding and trust between people is often deeper than other network communication tools of the Friendship Circle. The relationship between businessmen and customers is often accepted as a more reliable one, which reduces the marketing alert psychology between buyers and sellers. This makes the marketing efficiency of Wechat Friendship Circle much higher than the traditional marketing model, which is conducive not only to reducing shopping time and economic costs, but also to reducing marketing promotion costs and improving profitability of sellers.
Bathroom brand micro-marketing cautiously in order to avoid hurting others and hurting oneself
However, the drawback is that, while the vast number of Wechat friends circle businessmen bring good economic benefits to acquaintances and customers, there are also many problems. Among them, some businessmen use counterfeit and inferior products, not keeping promises and other means to "rip off" the most prominent phenomenon, which seriously undermines the good image of Wechat Friendship Circle marketing. Although consumers can recover the corresponding losses through the market supervision department after their interests are damaged, the process of protecting consumers'rights is often complex, and the cost is relatively high, sometimes even in an awkward situation. Therefore, after the marketing disputes in Weixin Friendship Circle, consumers often choose not to turn back, but also use the acquaintance relationship in Friendship Circle to advise other acquaintances not to be deceived by word of mouth, so as to boycott or block bad businesses, and ultimately make both buyers and sellers "lose and lose" in marketing.
To be stronger and bigger, we need to rely on products and services.
As a new tool of relationship marketing, Wechat Friendship Circle Marketing is of great value to both buyers and sellers, and has a good market prospect. Bathroom manufacturers can only realize their desire to become bigger and stronger by making good use of the quality of products or services and striving to reduce the shopping costs of consumers. Specifically, they may start from the following three aspects:
First of all, when selecting products or services, Wechat friends circle marketers should first check whether the quality of the products they sell is consistent with the content of the publicity. This is a crucial link. If we find that the advertisement of the product is exaggerated, we should explain the situation truthfully in the circle of friends, so as to avoid creating an image of dishonesty of "profit-seeking, selling friends".
Secondly, the biggest dilemma faced by Wechat's friends circle marketers is that consumers'after-sales service can not be guaranteed, especially the return, exchange and maintenance services can not keep up in time. Therefore, when choosing upstream merchants or manufacturers to cooperate, operators must try their best to select those enterprises that focus on brand image to ensure that consumers'rights and interests are effectively protected.
Finally, the operators of Weixin Friendship Circle should make use of the relationship between good friends, conduct market research regularly or irregularly, comply with the changes of market demand, and adjust marketing strategies in time so as to provide better products or services for friends, encourage consumers to repeat consumption in Friendship Circle, and attract more consumers through good word-of-mouth propaganda, so as to achieve the final sale. Both sides win-win.
The micro-marketing of sanitary ware brand is feasible, but the sanitary ware manufacturer should be cautious, the key is to do a good job in product quality and service, in order to truly become strong and to occupy the market steadily.

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