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In order to cater to the more difficult consumers, sanitary ware experts will often throw out the temptation of low prices to attract attention, but for the real survival in the terminal market business will understand that consumers are not so good "pit", only real high-quality products can win the market terminal victory, the price war alone can not make enterprises out of the downturn, but also funeral enterprises. The future of the industry.
Young consumer groups prefer manufacturers and individual price wars to meet demand
With the 1980s and 1990s gradually becoming the main consumers in the market, the demand of young consumers for sanitary products has not only limited to product prices, but also paid more attention to the quality and environmental protection of sanitary ware. According to the survey, at present, the price of sanitary ware has touched the bottom line, and the price reduction in the second half of the year is also very small. "Besides, large-scale enterprises or listed companies also make strategic losses to seize the market, high performance-price ratio is incomparable for small and medium-sized factories."
The sanitary ware terminal market depends on the quality to win the price war is difficult.
Nowadays, consumers pay more and more attention to manufacturers and quality, and are more and more rational about low prices. Enterprises are less and less likely to make profits through price war. At the end of the road, the price war of sanitary ware manufacturers is obviously out of date. For the development of the trend of sanitary ware terminal products, the insiders said firmly: "Just like all commodities and consumption develop to a mature stage, the future of sanitary ware terminal must be in the high-quality products of manufacturers and enterprises. Although there are many restrictions on price, channel and so on.
Blind price war has become a black sheep hindering the long-term development of sanitary ware manufacturers
For the low-price sales of products in the sanitary ware market, there are three aspects: one is the clearance of overstocked products and the low-price selling for quick disposal of the funds returned from inventory; the other is the reduction of prices for specific products in a specific period of time, in a specific region, in order to achieve the purpose of quickly occupying the market in the short term; the third is the market competition for competitors. Fourthly, as a marketing tactics means, according to the company's profit model, the strategy and competitive products are specially designed to ensure market sales. It is undeniable that there are still quite a number of harmful horses in the industry, for short-term interests, for windfall, to disrupt the market with counterfeit, inferior, low-quality low-price products.
More and more manufacturers are also aware that blind "price war" is extremely harmful to both the development of enterprises themselves and the development of the industry. Under the precondition of the economic downturn, we should treat the development of the industry rationally. Only by keeping up with the pace of the times, changing the traditional concept of self-management, accurately analyzing the industry situation, making a good plan, constantly carrying out R&D and innovation, tapping the potential market demand, finding the superior products suitable for the enterprise itself and compressing the product line, can the enterprise break through the encirclement in the market segmentation and win the market.
Way out: Factory construction is still only one of the key factors for sanitary ware manufacturers to compete strategically
Price wars are common in the sanitary ware market, but the actual utility is declining. At the same time, due to the disorder of price war, the whole market is chaotic, and a series of terrible chain reactions follow. Even more than many businesses suffered severe damage, and even face liquidation and closure. Faced with such a severe situation, sanitary ware manufacturers should no longer blindly jump into the candy trap of low-price competition, we must lock the primary task for the construction of manufacturers.
Once, sanitary ware manufacturers launched low-cost products, a large wave of consumers will tend to flock. Nowadays, people's consumption point is no longer limited to low prices, but tends to product quality and environmental protection. In the minds of consumers, few sanitary ware manufacturers have formed their factory image, so that consumers can not name several large sanitary ware manufacturers. This also shows that the sanitary ware industry has not yet formed a firm factory awareness in the minds of consumers.
Therefore, with the market maturing and enterprise production scaling up, the development of sanitary ware manufacturers can not rely solely on price to win the market. On the one hand, in the case of rapid decline in product cost control and excess capacity, the sanitary ware manufacturers can only build their own advantages from the aspects of technology, sales form, and channel broadening; on the other hand, the construction of manufacturers is an eternal topic. Only by adhering to the road of manufacturers, can we occupy the advantage in the white-hot market competition.
In a word, the key point of the development of sanitary ware manufacturers with quality and service materials is that price war is feasible in the short term and not feasible in the long run.

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