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From the emergence of the sanitary industry to the present, it is impossible to avoid the difficulties along the way, but it also promotes the maturity of the industry. Manufacturers'products and marketing mode jump out of the traditional mode and enter the diversified development, and the industry competition is becoming more and more fierce. Especially in the off-season of business invitation, how to adjust business strategy has become the top priority for the development of manufacturers.
Sanitary Ware Agents Need Agglomeration Market Strategy
Now the development and growth of sanitary ware manufacturers are facing more and more severe forms, many manufacturers are facing the test of market competition. Among the many reasons for this phenomenon, the difficulty of attracting investment is one of the most important problems. If sanitary ware manufacturers want to change this situation, they must solve the problem of investment.
Many sanitary ware manufacturers in the investment, ambiguous pursuit of the number of agents, but the effect is not great, we should know that the investment agent work is not quick, it is a process of continuous accumulation and gradual improvement. Because some sanitary ware manufacturers are not strong enough and resources are limited.  Therefore, in the process of investment promotion, sanitary ware manufacturers should strictly adhere to the aggregated market strategy, that is, first take a certain place as a camp, fully aggregate existing resources, form competitive advantages in local markets, establish a base area to quickly become a local influential brand, on this basis, take "base area" as the center, expand the radius continuously, and gradually expand the circle of the network. Only in this way can the battlefield developed be as successful as possible.
Sanitary Ware Brand Should Keep Vigorous
Faced with the brand-rich sanitary ware industry, some sanitary ware manufacturers have opened up new ideas, no longer staying in the traditional brand image of most manufacturers in the sanitary ware industry, and will implement younger and energetic brand ideas to products, brand culture and other aspects, more to cater to the current consumer market.
Sanitary ware manufacturers need not only distributors who will sell products, but also distributors who really understand the brand promotion model. Now many promotion methods for young groups are totally resonant from small details, and get higher attention from the current 80's and 90's consumer groups. To understand the brand concept of sanitary ware manufacturers, so as to carry out more effective promotion of distributors is the most needed manufacturers.

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