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The advent of WeChat has changed the way people communicate in daily life. WeChat has accelerated the popularization of the Internet. Because of WeChat, the Internet has truly penetrated into the daily work and life of Chinese people in all fields. Currently, WeChat and WeChat has 600 million monthly active users. WeChat, people will experience a more convenient Internet life. WeChat payment also solves the problem of efficient payment of manufacturers' capital flow. Therefore, in a short time, more traditional enterprises try to carry out business through WeChat, such as KTV, catering and payment. The industry has made great efforts to provide customers with whole-process services through the combination of public account, micro store and micro payment. So as a traditional industry faucet manufacturers, can rely on the development of mobile Internet, to help its offline channels?

Based on Wechat marketing, we can cooperate more effectively with the existing channel providers. By helping off-line agents and specialty stores to open micromarketing, manufacturers can directly communicate with end users to achieve a more comprehensive and three-dimensional effect of service and marketing. Wechat does not have geographical and time constraints, users register through QQ number and mobile phone contacts, immediately establish their own strong relationship, which promotes Wechat's viscosity is very high. As a faucet manufacturer, it can also provide users'concerned information through public platform, such as material selection for decoration, maintenance of sanitary ware products, and promotional activities, so as to serve end users more efficiently. It also receives users'feedback more quickly and accurately. In the whole after-sales process, more efficient operation.  Faucet manufacturers can use Wechat marketing platform to create public numbers, regularly publish product information, preferential activities, or participate in hot topics of the network, thereby increasing brand activity and affinity. It has to be said that this new media will be an important reform for the change of marketing mode of water faucet manufacturers. Water faucet manufacturers and more traditional enterprises should embrace new media more, and use the circle of friends marketing to close the customer's distance.  
Based on Wechat platform, faucet manufacturers can use third-party platform technology to build their own ecosystem, and complement and promote each other with offline channels. Including optimizing distribution policy, profit distribution, rebate ratio and even year-end welfare according to the manufacturer itself, so that the faucet manufacturer takes its own brand as the starting point and constructs a closed-loop brand marketing through Internet thinking. YOROOW Sanitary Ware, a well-known domestic faucet manufacturer, took the lead in launching the Wechat-based sales model. YOROOW Sanitary Ware is a traditional manufacturer with its own brand. YOROOW Sanitary Ware has distinct brand characteristics compared with the sanitary wares manufacturer in the same industry. Media sources with home decoration materials disclose that Youlai is a unique factory and has a keen sense of smell for the Internet. According to the official website of the faucet manufacturer, there are more than 110 distributors and specialty stores in China. As a leading manufacturer of traditional enterprises, it is necessary to have bold innovative consciousness and forward-looking thinking to supplement and support the original channels through the combination of Internet and new media. It is understood that in just three months, Youlai Sanitary Ware has assisted its offline agents to develop more than 2000 Weixin Distribution Stores. Youlai Sanitary Ware is also one of the first domestic faucet manufacturers to successfully implement the micro-marketing model.  
The author believes that the circle of friends plays an increasingly prominent role in the marketing of traditional enterprises, including faucet manufacturers, but the trend of commercialization is also growing. Faucet manufacturers can use this prevailing trend to implement Wechat marketing, serve more consumers and expand the market more efficiently, and open a new window for manufacturers to compete for the future market.  New media such as Wechat will drive more new industries and new ideas, but also subvert the traditional business model. The direction of mobile interconnection led by Wechat will eventually get more recognition and support. Everyone has their own "micro-model". The same is true of traditional enterprise manufacturers. How to make good use of Wechat platform marketing will determine the future market of enterprises. Grasp the ability and brand development.

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