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The economy is stagnant, the real estate is turbulent, household industry encountered unprecedented test in 2015 year, sanitary ware industry also did not escape. The development speed that slows ceaselessly, shuffle wave is swept across and come, the obstacle that Internet +, consumption upgrades, the impact of international market. These are not only obstacles on the way forward across the home industry, but also new opportunities for the transformation and upgrading of the industry.  These also are the challenge that sanitary ware industry develops place to face and opportunity.
"Internet +" becomes a new breakthrough point
As Internet + has become a national development strategy, various industries have taken the Internet as a new development opportunity to seek development. Throughout the household industry, the performance in 2015 was particularly outstanding. From the millet home decoration lit home decoration industry Internet + war, to the traditional home decoration company's east yirisheng launched super home speed. From traditional home furnishing stores not participating in the e-commerce promotion on November 11, to online and offline linkage to launch a variety of O2O marketing; From home and bathroom manufacturers focusing on offline store products and services to online and offline interactive network marketing, Internet + has already had a profound and long-term impact on the development of the whole home furnishing industry.
The impact of Internet + on the sanitary ware industry can not be underestimated, more and more sanitary ware manufacturers to find a new breakthrough and development point, the development of the industry into a new power. Internet + will profoundly change the pattern of China's sanitary ware industry. In the future, it will be a race between sanitary ware manufacturers online and offline, and competition at the same time. How to seek breakthroughs according to their own situation will be a problem facing all sanitary ware manufacturers.
We will follow the path of green development
Along with people's expectations for living green environmental protection, a number of new standards in the sanitary ware industry in 2015 or recently issued or in the pipeline. On December 1, the new standard of water-saving sanitary ware has been officially implemented. In the future, the standards of sanitary ware industry will cover all fields.
As the downstream industry of the real estate industry, the sanitary ware industry is characterized by long industrial chain, wide coverage and uneven sanitary ware manufacturers. It has stricter requirements for green environmental protection, but the reality is not optimistic. Especially for small and medium-sized sanitary ware manufacturers, their survival is at the cost of environmental sacrifice, which is neither green nor environmental protection.
Share the international market cake
With the development of economic globalization, many foreign brands have entered the Chinese market, optimistic about the huge consumption and development potential of the Chinese sanitary ware market. At the same time, Chinese domestic sanitary ware manufacturers are also actively seeking to go out of the country, participate in international competition, expect to eat the international sanitary market this bigger cake.
Once entering the international market, for sanitary ware manufacturers, the standards for product quality, service and environmental protection will be more stringent, and if the individual identity to participate in the competition, it is no less than single-blade combat, the competition is more intense. In view of this, China building decoration association materials branch launched the "hundred enterprises trillion plan" in 2015 year, pointing out the direction for building materials and sanitary ware industry to get out of the predicament, and will continue to deepen the "hundred enterprises trillion plan" in 2016 year to find a way out.

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