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The most talked about topics in China's manufacturing industry today are industrial upgrading and Internet plus. More and more Chinese manufacturers are realizing that it takes more patience to produce better than to produce more.   "Business excelsior lies in diligence, success in thought and ruin in following. As a manufacturing industry, intensive cultivation of their own products, to avoid large and comprehensive. To the product and the person that make the product wants to have the heart of awe, the product that makes just human nature is changed, nature has competition ability "Lin bingzhao of general manager of bath of friend of domestic famous faucet manufacturer says, accept record interview. In his report on the work of the government on March 5, 2016, premier li keqiang of the state council said that enterprises should be encouraged to carry out personalized and flexible production, cultivate the spirit of craftsman striving for perfection, increase varieties, improve quality and create brands.

Back to the product: crafted, refined
China's manufacturing sector, which has been growing at breakneck speed in the past, has been weak in recent years. The panic buying of toilet seats and pressure cookers by the Chinese in Japan shows the weakness of China's manufacturing industry. Domestic manufacturing overcapacity, but fewer boutique. The south is short of workers and labor costs are rising. Competition from emerging economies at home and abroad. These problems force a transformation of China's manufacturing sector. To solve a problem, we must look to the root cause. The essence of manufacturing is product. Create high-quality products, research and development of more technology, master the core competitiveness of products. We have always been a manufacturing country, and more of the manufacturing industry is the assembly enterprises, such as in the automobile industry, our own core technology is not much. As a manufacturing industry, besides considering production and cost, it needs to increase the research and development of emerging technologies and optimize the quality. In order to achieve industrial upgrading, there are two models worth learning from, namely Japan and Germany. Japan relies on concentration and delicacy, and on the concentration of the society from top to bottom. Germany is also a manufacturing country. It is rigorous and dedicated. What's more, Germany also has a training mode of excellent technicians.      
High-end manufacturing also needs to be supported by artisan spirit. We used to think of skilled craftsmen as the core of the workshop. Many people now regard entrepreneurs, professional technicians, and entrepreneurial leaders as the core souls of enterprises and industries. Competitive products, must be crafted, refined and polished. Only in this way can enterprises build their own brands.  
The concept of "craftsman spirit" has been implemented
The spirit of craftsman needs to be practiced and strengthened for a certain period of time. Learning from advanced countries is a very important entry point for us. Foxconn's acquisition of sharp and midea's acquisition of Toshiba were different in the past. It was an acquisition of the whole industrial chain, which allowed enterprises to develop skills, training models and marketing models. With the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry, China is now the world's second largest economy. Huawei measures its products in the spirit of craftsman and truly pursues "zero defects". Over the years, huawei has built a solid quality system and supported the implementation of "quality first" strategy in every link with the system. However, to enable more Chinese manufacturing enterprises to achieve industrialization and upgrade faster and better, we still need to make an operable way. The author thinks that in these two points, the government should improve the protection measures of intellectual property
"From the second year of our founding, youlai has been focusing on the development of new technologies and new products. Friends, a new product to come out, about half a year has been the market imitation, "friend, wei yu, head of Lin Bing breaths," we cannot exclude counterparts to follow, but we also advocate enterprises themselves to follow at the same time, into their own design concept, create differentiated products, so that enterprises can cut into his own niche, the excellences ", the author suggested that the government departments improve the criminal law protection of intellectual property rights mechanism, through the BBS, project research, argumentation and consulting for difficult complex case, strengthen exchanges, the franco-prussian for high-tech enterprise and staff, such as a variety of ways, We will improve the ability and level of procuratorial organs and other relevant departments to protect intellectual property rights. In the last few years, we have read that the government has begun to pay more attention to the issue of intellectual property rights. The 2016 government work report clearly stated that the protection and application of intellectual property rights should be strengthened, and the infringement of intellectual property rights and the production and sale of counterfeit goods should be severely punished according to law.    
Attach importance to the re-education of workers
Craftsman spirit, burnish high grade product, rely on worker skill quality. There is still more room for career development in China. Bring up craftsman spirit, want to begin from training worker above all. Data from 2015 shows that 10 million skilled workers graduate from vocational colleges every year in China, which already accounts for a large proportion of employment. In China's factories, most companies have no plans to re-educate workers about their skills. More and more Chinese enterprise leaders, on the road of industrialization and upgrading, also realize that workers' skills are the guarantee of product quality, accelerating the development of workers' career education. Colleges and universities attach great importance to students' practical ability. In addition to learning theoretical knowledge, students are encouraged to take social practice activities of multiple manufacturers to cultivate practical ability. All aspects of the society attach great importance to skills re-education. The author believes that the government, enterprises, schools and other organizations work together, from talent training to the formulation of social norms, enterprises strictly implement the concept of "craftsman spirit". There will be more and more skilled craftsmen and serious "craftsman" enterprises in China. Set up the professional fear, dedication to the work and the spirit of responsibility for the product, every product is fine, continue to produce high-quality products. Can be truly labeled "made in China" label.

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