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The current situation of sanitary ware enterprises is: product homogenization, overcapacity, vicious competition and other problems. Bring about sanitary ware  manufacturer profit level to drop ceaselessly, profit is meager. In recent years, the sales growth rate of all domestic sanitary ware manufacturers also began to decline. Face the faucet market with intense competition, manufacturer must consider situation, transform upgrade countercurrent hair force. The leaders of sanitary ware manufacturers need to change their thinking. They should not only focus on quality and technology, but also upgrade and innovate from the aspects of service, channel and category development. The author also discovers, brand of a few well-known faucet in home, had begun to undertake hair force from these a few respects, among them 9 animal husbandry, friend lai, ka bei, it is successful case inside course of study.

Attach importance to service to enhance competitiveness
Jiumu, the largest sanitary ware manufacturer in nan 'an, catches the market changes, strengthens the transformation of technology, quality and intelligent manufacture with the quality foundation, and turns to the role of service provider with great efforts. Nine animal husbandry breaks the traditional manufacturing thinking, through cross-border integration, industrial restructuring, value chain building and other ways, to provide more high-end, high-quality intelligent products, to meet the market supply and demand, promote the benign transformation of industrialization, for domestic sanitary manufacturers is also a very good reference case.
Dual Channel Parallel Power Generation E-commerce Channel
According to statistics, the scale of e-commerce reached 15 trillion yuan in 2015. More and more sanitary ware manufacturers have seen the trend of e-commerce. While developing offline channels, we have established an e-commerce team to realize the dual-track sales model of offline channels and online e-commerce platforms. Yulai sanitary ware, a faucet factory in the same industrial park as jiumu, has rapidly expanded its e-commerce channels while optimizing offline channels. And make a reasonable balance between offline and offline channels. Based on the product quality of the exclusive store, youlai has derived a series of products in line with the e-commerce, to separate the offline and online models. Relying on the popularity of youlai sanitary ware brand, we encourage offline channel merchants to set up teams, and the headquarters will assist and train the e-commerce team of channel merchants. "We let youlai agents share the dividends of e-commerce," said Lin li, marketing director of youlai, at an industry marketing summit. When many manufacturers start to enter e-commerce and solve the conflict between online and channel, youlai model is worth learning from.
Expand categories based on Internet thinking
In Internet channel business, the category with onefold manufacturer defending bath already cannot satisfy the demand of market development. The client that a decorates bridal chamber, the home that hopes to be able to buy neat place to install a product more in same inn. Strength manufacturers have seen this, from a single category to expand to multiple categories, and then form a full category brand. The whole category can more effectively share the risks brought by the slow growth of single category market and increase the market share of enterprises. More importantly, within the framework of Internet thinking, the whole category has also become the mainstream transformation mode for the development of traditional sanitary ware manufacturers. Cabe entered into the e-commerce channel in the early stage, and expanded in a more comprehensive way. It not only focused on the main towel rack products, but also added door locks and other categories, which greatly improved the sales volume of a single store.
Sales mode drives production optimization and upgrading
Traditional sanitaryware manufacturer wants transition, from production, sale to serve change on thinking. Manufacturer relies on informatization most important. Through the information technology to create a numerical control system, to meet the personalized, diversified market demand, the establishment of flexible production workshop. Using information to get through the production, physical stores, online shop trinity mode, to achieve the design chain, supply chain collaboration, more convenient, more in place to serve users, insight into market demand.
In the current national comprehensive supply side structural reform wave, sanitary ware manufacturers can seize the opportunity, through the reform of supply to adapt to the changes in market demand, size up the situation, find a suitable model for enterprise development.

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