High-end bathroom brand Youlai sanitary engineering market is sought after

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Sanitary brand products not only circulate in the mass market as daily necessities, but also have an important market position in the engineering decoration market as sanitary products with industrial properties. According to statistics, China ’s sanitary engineering market in 2014 reached 25 billion yuan. This is nothing more than a huge 'cake' for bathroom brands. However, not all bathroom brand brands can have an advantage in the engineering market. In the early stages of the bathroom market, foreign brands accounted for most of China's high-end bathroom engineering market with high quality and perfect services. However, with the rise of national bathroom brands , Such as Jiumu, Youlai, Hengjie, Oulian, Shenluda and other more powerful national bathroom brands began to enter star hotels, hardcover real estate, office buildings and other high-end bathroom engineering markets.

The engineering market is a good standard for testing the quality of sanitary brands

Not all sanitary ware brands can be welcomed and accepted in the sanitary engineering market. A decoration engineering project must undergo strict evaluation and selection from the start-up, tendering to final bidding. The major engineering customers have enough In the process of project bidding, including the quality, price, performance, after-sales service, as well as product style and brand awareness of the sanitary brand are important factors that affect whether the project is finally awarded. A set of bathroom products requires more than 8 years in the decoration project from installation to use. During this period, problems and defects of any product will affect the quality of the entire project and the end-user experience of using the product. Therefore, the selection of sanitary ware products for each decoration project needs to be comprehensively considered from various aspects. From another aspect, the engineering market can also well test the effective methods of sanitary ware products.

From commercial to civil

As a member of the Chinese sanitary ware brand, the products produced by Youlai Sanitary Ware manufacturers with humanized design and exquisite production technology have been greatly welcomed in the domestic engineering bathroom market. Youlai brand sanitary ware brands are widely used in Star hotel, chain economy hotel, hardcover residence, hospital and school. Youlai sanitary ware brand has also won honors such as "China Famous Brand", "Top Ten Engineering Sanitary Brands" and "China Engineering Green Recommended Products".

According to Lin Li, the sales manager of Youlai Sanitary Ware Manufacturers, Youlai Sanitary Ware manufacturers have always focused on the sanitary engineering of star-rated hotels. Under the high-quality demand of star-rated hotel markets, from product design, casting, electroplating to packaging, our workshop Of colleagues cultivate a cautious attitude towards product quality control. Youlai extends its target to the market of civil bathroom brands. This will help Youlai bathroom manufacturers to establish a good reputation and brand influence in the terminal mass market with a high-quality image. Speed ​​up the market development, especially the development of sanitary engineering market, so that more domestic consumers experience high-quality sanitary brand sanitary products.

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