Youlai Bathroom Cup 2014 Badminton Tournament Begins

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On the afternoon of August 17, the Youlai Bathroom Brand Cup 2014 Guangzhou Haizhu District Badminton Open was held at the Badminton Hall in Guangzhou. The competition attracted badminton enthusiasts from all over Guangzhou as well as Youlai Bathroom brand shops, distributors and A total of 75 representatives from 16 teams participated in the Consumer Representatives.

The competition is divided into groups A, B, C, and D. According to the appearance order of men's doubles and mixed doubles, a group round game will be implemented. The knockout match will be based on a 25-point system. The first 25 points will win the game. Finally, through the points and goal difference round-robin finals, the top three were finally determined in 16 teams.

The cool posture, gorgeous movements, and wonderful matchups. The reporter saw at the scene that the contestants were uniformly dressed in match clothing provided by the Youlai bathroom brand. Although most of the contestants were not professional badminton players, the players' The enthusiasm and cooperation with each other won applause from the audience.

"Such competitions will not only provide employees with more opportunities for exercise and sports, but also promote teamwork and friendship between Youlai and the outside world, and cultivate a positive culture. Scope "said Lin Li, principal of Youlai Bathroom Brand Guangzhou.

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