Meet you at the 2014 Youlai Bathroom Cup Badminton Open

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"Healthy Life, Bathing in Summer" Youlai Bathroom Brand Cup · 2014 Guangzhou Haizhu District Badminton Open Recruitment! On August 17, 2014, Youlai Bathroom Brand Guangzhou Branch will pick up the badminton hall in Wanshengwei, Guangzhou Organize feather competitions. Experience the fun of sports through passionate and happy badminton events, so that many athletes who love sports have a stage to show their strengths. At the same time, professional and amateur badminton enthusiasts who love badminton are welcome to register.

In the busy work and life, stop and let yourself relax, participate in badminton, let your body jump along the badminton arc, exercise and be happy.

First, competition time: Sunday, August 17, 2014 (15 pm)

II. Venue: Badminton Hall, Wanshengwei, No. D, Wanshengwei Subway, Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

Three, registration place and matters needing attention

1, Youlai bathroom brand Guangzhou Branch, various brand stores, pick up badminton hall, fill out the registration form.

2, Registration closes at 2pm on Friday, August 8, 2014.

3. All the interpretation rights of the rules belong to the organizer, and any issues not covered will be notified separately.

24. Competition content: Mixed team competition, appearance order: Men's Doubles, Mixed Doubles

V. Eligibility

 1. Eligibility: Badminton amateurs who work and live in the Guangzhou Youlai Sanitary Ware brand's distribution agents, franchise stores, and Guangzhou.

2. Unlimited professions.

3. The registration team is tentatively set to 16 teams, and the actual number of teams will be based on the actual registration team.

4. Each participating team has 4 to 6 people (including 1 leader). One leader must be designated. The leader can also be an athlete. Athletes in the competition are not allowed to take part in the competition. The competition and group will be announced 2 days before the competition.

26. Match Ball: King Weiken

VII. Method of Competition

1. Group round-robin. The knockout match is based on a 25-point system. Those who reach 25 points first, or the game will be determined by the first two teams. Enter the quarterfinals.

2. Group round robin, the winner has 3 points and the loser has 1 point. Tie points, than goal difference.

3. In the knockout matches, such as the men's doubles, the mixed doubles will be tied 1: 1, and 15 points will be added to the men's doubles. The first 15 points will win.

4. Participating teams are required to take the initiative to participate in the competition in accordance with the scheduled game time and field sequence. Except for the first game according to the scheduled time, each subsequent game will be played after the previous game. Please pay attention to each team: Those who are 10 minutes late or more in the first game will be waived; within 10 minutes after the previous game, the players who are not in the next game will also be waived.

VIII. The organizer has the right to adjust the number and order of matches according to the actual situation of the day.

Nine, prize settings

Champion: Youlai Bathroom Brand Full Lift Shower Flower Set (Top Configuration Value 1580 Yuan) + Bonus.

Runner-up: Youlai bathroom brand full-lift shower flower set (luxury configuration value of 890 yuan) + bonus.

3rd runner-up: Youlai bathroom brand full-lift shower flower set (economic configuration value of 680 yuan) + bonus.

X. Registration time and place Registration time:

 Registration deadline: July 28, 2014-August 8, 2014, 2:00 pm

 Registration location: front desk of the No. 10 pick-up hall of Wanshengwei Metro, Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou;

Contact number: 020-89320268 Older Youth Club: 332182600

QQ: Older 251482168 Little 1217373148

Organizing Committee: Miss Liu 18859960707 Zhou Sheng 18620000850

Bus route: Bus: Line 137, 229, 262, 564, 762, Tour 3 (Huangpu Technical School Station), Metro: Metro Line 4, Exit 8 of Wanshengwei Station, Line 20 Turn left and go to the T-junction. Note that there is a sign on the left hand side to reach 100 meters.

Note: 1. Anyone who arrives at the competition site on the same day will have a chance to get a beautiful gift provided by the Youlai bathroom brand!

 Scan the official QR code of Youlai Sanitary Ware brand with WeChat, follow the public platform of Youlai Sanitary Ware brand, and get the qualification.

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