Youlai bathroom manufacturers participated in the 2013 Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition

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Youlai Bathroom Dressing Appears at the 2013 Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition

From May 28 to May 31, 2013, the 18th China (Shanghai) International Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition) was held at the Shanghai New International Convention and Exhibition Center Expo Center. Home kitchen and bathroom enterprises will participate in this grand event.

Different from the previous exhibition format, this year's Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition will soon implement a "noise prohibition" policy, which is undoubtedly a constraint on exhibitions that have been flooded with various performances in recent years. Many exhibitors and industry insiders believe that the organizer's approach will return the focus of the exhibition to the product itself, and at the same time, the challenges for the exhibitors will be greater.

How to use creative methods to fully display the brand and products without violating the rules, verifying the team's creativity in the bathroom industry.

At the W3E12 booth, Youlai Sanitary Ware gave full play to its creativity and perfectly implemented the principle of fully displaying the brand and products without violating relevant regulations. The author observes that Youlai's bathroom booth is different from the overall structure. The new VI system shows a brand new booth image, the orange simple color tone shows the brand positioning of "simple and healthy bathroom", and the overall bathroom products show simplicity and harmony. elegant. As the major international brands are concentrated in W1 and W2, the traffic is concentrated in these two pavilions. However, in booth W15 of Hall W3, Youlai Sanitary Ware attracted 80% of the traffic in the hall. This incredible stature has made envy to peers.

At the booth of Youlai Sanitary Ware factory, there were crowds of people and water leaked. The long queue was exciting when the game session started. The author walked into the observation and found that the staff of Youlai Sanitary Ware enthusiastically promoted the interaction with the audience by using the voice-controlled vending machine as a creative carrier, and spreading the healthy, rigorous, rational and beautiful brand idea of ​​Youlai Sanitary Ware through shouting slogans, adding WeChat, and sending gifts. .

There is no doubt that the team of Youlai Sanitary Ware manufacturers has fully exerted their creativity at this Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, not only let more people know Youlai Sanitary Ware manufacturers, but also spread the idea of ​​Youlai Sanitary Ware promoting healthy life. If you use one sentence to evaluate Youlai Sanitary Ware, you can only use the one that people shouted the most on the spot: Sanitary ware, or Youlai Sanitary Ware manufacturer is good!

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