Love Life, Love Health-Documentary of the 2014 "Youlai Bathroom Cup" Badminton Open

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Hurry, fast! Catch the ball! "

"OK! Upside Down!"


A badminton match in full swing was staged fiercely in Guangzhou Badminton Hall. The players faced their opponents in a professional badminton training venue. At the beginning of the war, the two sides did not forget to pay attention to each other and discuss the strength of the opponents, but everyone said invariably that the battlefield must fight for the first place, but the friendship is precious. The most important thing is to pay attention to the process and enjoy the game.

Youlai Bathroom Cup Competition Scene

This "love and harmony" badminton open is the 2014 "Youlai Bathroom Cup" badminton open. It is reported that this game is divided into groups A, B, C, and D, according to the order of men's doubles and mixed doubles. The group round-robin is implemented. The knockout match is based on a 25-point system. The team that reaches 25 points first wins this round. Each group takes the top two and enters the top 8. Finally, through the points and goal difference round-robin finals, the top three are finally determined in 16 teams.

A group photo of the participating team of Youyoulai Bathroom Cup

的 Participants in this competition are badminton enthusiasts from all over Guangzhou and faucet manufacturers Youlai Bathroom Guangzhou's brand stores, dealers and consumer representatives. A total of 75 teams from 16 teams participated.

参赛 Participating representatives at the Youlai Bathroom Cup competition scene

The game was extremely fierce on the day. The badminton hall was crowded with spectators who came to watch it. All the spectators were attracted by the wonderful game scene. They applauded and cheered again and again, cheering and cheering for the players.

On the field, the beautiful player Li Yongxin jumped and smashed again and again ... After losing one round, she strengthened tactical coordination, reversed the situation, and finally won the next round; player Xie Pengcheng went smoothly in the game, showing a superb level of badminton technology. Next game.

The fierce competition is exciting, and the final winners are Xie Pengcheng, Jiang Xiaoli, Li Suze, Cai Yongcan, and Tan Zhien from Group 1 and the runner-up are Li Xiaocong, Mo Zhiwei, Lai Jianhao, Li Yongxin, and Li Junda from Group 2 , Li Jianming, and the third runner-up were Chen Dan, Liang Zhihao, and Deng Kunpeng from Group A and 1 team. Finally, Lin Li, general manager of the faucet manufacturer Youlai Bathroom Guangzhou Branch, awarded them a bonus trophy and Youlai Bathroom high-end shower shower prizes.

Tongyoulai Bathroom Image Store

It is reported that the faucet manufacturer Youlai Bathroom held the badminton open tournament, not only to provide employees with more opportunities for exercise and sports, but also to promote the teamwork of the staff of the channels of the Youlai Bathroom brand, and to establish the Youlai Bathroom The communication with consumers and the cultivation of a positive culture range can be said to be an important move that serves multiple purposes. In addition, the game is equipped with "Jinweiken" professional badminton equipment, uniform uniforms are distributed for each player, and the players and spectators highly appreciate the careful preparation of the organizer. The contestants were very satisfied with the organization and coordination ability and meticulous service of the teams in the "Youlai Bathroom Cup" Badminton Open. This also shows that the faucet manufacturer Youlai Bathroom is pursuing perfection and good looks as always.

"Every player is outstanding and the game is exciting. The main thing is not to win or lose. Just like the theme of this game 'love life, love health', we enjoy this game and enjoy the life brought to you by Youlai Sanitary Ware. It's good! "Said Jiang Xiaoli, the winner of the competition.

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