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12 Key Considerations When Choosing a Kitchen Faucet

Posted on August 03 2023

  1. Weight: When selecting a kitchen faucet, avoid purchasing overly lightweight products. Extremely lightweight kitchen faucets are often hollowed out inside to cut costs. While they may appear substantial, they feel flimsy when lifted. Such faucets are prone to bursting under water pressure.

  2. Handles: Faucets with a single lever handle design offer greater convenience, especially when one hand is typically occupied while using the sink. Opt for handles that are easy to operate to enhance usability.

  3. Spout Height: Placing the kitchen faucet at a higher position allows for easy filling of basins or containers, improving convenience.

  4. Valve Core: The valve core of a kitchen faucet is its core component. Modern hot and cold kitchen faucets commonly use ceramic valve cores. High-quality kitchen faucets often feature valve cores from reputable brands such as Spain's "Sedal," Taiwan's "Kangqin," and Zhuhai's "Mingshi."

  5. Swivel Angle: Choose a kitchen faucet that can swivel 180 degrees for easy adjustment of water flow direction. For sinks located centrally in the kitchen, a faucet that swivels 360 degrees is more practical.

  6. Extendable Sprayer Head: Opt for a kitchen faucet with an extendable sprayer head to increase the effective spray radius, filling sinks and containers more quickly.

  7. Flexible Hose: Typically, a hose length of 50 cm is sufficient. Longer hoses, such as 70 cm or more, are also available on the market. Avoid aluminum wire hoses and opt for those with stainless steel wire braiding. Test by pulling and gripping the hose – if your hands turn black, it's aluminum wire; no change indicates stainless steel. High-quality kitchen faucet hoses generally use five stainless steel braided hoses meeting international standards, with an inner hose made of EPDM material, and a red-forged nut for connection, covered with a 4-micron (thickness) nickel layer.

  8. Shower Hose: To avoid unpleasant noises, try to avoid using metallic shower hoses. Opting for other materials for the shower hose can provide a more comfortable shower experience.

  9. Anti-Calcification System: Calcium deposits can accumulate in the sprayer head and automatic cleaning system. Kitchen faucets can also face similar issues, such as silicon accumulation. Select an integrated air-cleaning system with an anti-calcification feature to prevent device calcification.

  10. Backflow Prevention System: A backflow prevention system in a kitchen faucet prevents dirty water from being siphoned into the clean water pipe. This system is composed of multiple layers. Devices with a backflow prevention system typically have a logo indicating DVGM approval on the packaging.

  11. Cleaning: Sleekly designed kitchen faucets require minimal cleaning. Avoid using abrasive cleansers, polishing powders, or nylon brushes. Instead, dampen a cloth with diluted shampoo or body wash, wipe the kitchen faucet, rinse with water, and dry with a soft cloth.

  12. Materials and Durability: Stainless steel is a hygienic and environmentally friendly material choice. Chrome-plated equipment is easy to maintain and harmless to the body, but may contain added elements during manufacturing. Therefore, pay attention to the materials used in the kitchen faucet, as not all countries have standards as strict as Germany's.

When purchasing a kitchen faucet, consider its durability and ease of repair. Repair costs can vary significantly among different devices, and some materials may be hard to source. While repairs might be relatively simple, having the appropriate parts and schematics is crucial to ensure proper disassembly and reassembly. Opting for a kitchen faucet with an anti-calcification system can reduce the risk of leaks and handle damage.

By keeping these 12 points in mind, you can make a more informed choice when selecting a kitchen faucet that suits your needs. A high-quality kitchen faucet not only delivers reliable water flow but also enhances your user experience and ensures long-lasting durability.

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