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Advantages and disadvantages of LED top spray shower and how to choose

Posted on February 16 2023

Good shower equipment can wash away the tiredness of the day and relax us after a day of work. Below we will introduce to you the advantages and disadvantages of top spray, as well as some common sense of purchase.

Advantages and disadvantages of top spray

  1. The difference between the top spray shower and the hand shower is that it is fixed on the ball valve and can only be removed without adjusting the angle of the lower part.
  2. Its water channel is not like a hand shower that can have a variety of water flow effects to choose from, but it also has a more special shower effect.
  3. Each top shower inlet has a function and a water outlet, which is incomparable with the hand shower.
  4. The hand-held shower head is more suitable for general salary income, its price is relatively cheap, and the water effect and other functions can be completed. Top sprays are more expensive and better suited for people who want to enjoy their showers.

Top Spray Purchase Instructions

  1. Pay attention to the nozzle, and pay attention to whether the top spray is easy to clean. The blockage of the top spray is usually caused by the accumulation of impurities in the screen cover. An overhead shower will inevitably have limescale deposits. Some sprays can clog the holes if you can't clean them. In order to avoid clogging of the water outlet due to poor water quality, the well-designed top spray head usually protrudes and is easy to clean, or the nozzle is made of silicone. When cleaning, use a rag or your hands to remove deposits from the nozzles. Some top sprays also feature automatic limescale removal, so you can ask for more when you repurchase.
    When choosing the top spray, let the top spray slant to discharge water. If the water at the top of the spray hole is obviously very small, then the internal design of the top spray is very general.
  2. Top spray accessories will also directly affect the comfort of its use. Special attention should also be paid to points such as: whether the water pipe and lifting rod are elastic, whether the shower hose and steel wire have bending resistance, and whether anti-corrosion is installed at the shower connection. Torsion ball bearings, whether the rotary controller is mounted on the lift lever, etc.
    Look at the coating and valve core: Generally speaking, the brighter and finer the top spray surface, the better the coating process. A good spool is made of ceramic and has extremely high hardness. It's smooth and wear-resistant to prevent drips. Consumers must try to turn the switch, if it feels bad, it is best not to buy this style.

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