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Angle valve knowledge sharing class (2)

Posted on November 15 2022

In the previous article, we shared some knowledge about the function and characteristics of the angle valve. I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of the angle valve. Today we will share the installation position and installation precautions of the angle valve.

Where to install angle valve

In decoration, the angle valve is a necessary plumbing accessory for toilets, kitchen rooms and other places, which is used to connect faucets, water heaters, toilets and other sanitary equipment, and is generally used for the location of the water heating outlet. When the faucet leaks, the faucet can be repaired or replaced as long as the corresponding angle valve is closed, without having to turn off the main valve to affect the use of other places. It is the second safeguard switch of the bathroom equipment.

Precautions for installing angle valve

  1. The installation shall be carried out by professional personnel at a place with good drainage to avoid accidental loss;
  2. Before installation, please be sure to clean the sand and sundries at the outlet pipe connection to prevent the ceramic chip from jamming and causing water leakage;
  3. During installation, do not hold the hand wheel of the angle valve with your hand to rotate and fasten it. Wrap several layers of cloth or paper towels and other buffers on the valve body, and then clamp the valve body with a wrench to rotate and fasten it. If the valve body is clamped directly without a buffer, the surface of the angle valve may be scratched, affecting the appearance;
  4. After installation, the main valve shall be opened for water inlet, and the angle valve shall be checked for leakage. Generally, the water inlet shall be pressurized for about 15 minutes before confirmation. If the angle valve is not installed on the water pipe, the angle valve shall be closed.

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