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Are plastic faucets Toxic? How to pick a plastic faucet

Posted on December 12 2022

Now there are more and more kinds of hardware products, a variety of shapes, more materials are used in them. Just like the faucet, the shape, the style, the material, the use is more and more, and the plastic faucet is the most favorite kind of faucet, but some people are worried that the plastic faucet is toxic, so let's learn about the plastic faucet? Are plastic faucets Toxic?

  1. Is the plastic faucet okay?

Most of the faucets on the market are now made of metal, but many manufacturers cut corners and even add raw materials in order to obtain greater costs in order to make more profits. Therefore, the amount of lead and chromium in many non-plastic faucets Seriously exceeding the standard has caused a huge impact on the human body. Compared with other materials, plastic faucets are safer to use. ABS plastic is used for production and processing without adding any harmful substances to the human body, which guarantees the safety of human use and has been favored by many consumers. Affirmation and love.

  1. Are plastic faucets poisonous?

Nowadays, the raw materials used in faucets on the market are generally ABS plastics. ABS plastics are a new type of material. It combines various properties of PS, San, and BS materials, and has excellent mechanical properties such as toughness, hardness, and rigidity. It is non-toxic. Odorless, with excellent chemical properties and electrical insulation properties. Therefore, ABS plastic faucets are non-toxic, very good environmental protection and safety products, and have a wide range of uses in life, so consumers don't have to worry about using plastic faucets.

  1. Advantages of plastic faucets:

(1)Plastic faucets have good impact strength, good dimensional stability, non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly and healthy;

(2)Plastic faucets have excellent chemical properties and electrical insulation properties, good heat resistance, no deformation, and not easy to scratch;

(3)The plastic faucet has very good toughness, low water absorption, good corrosion resistance, simple connection and long service life;

(4) The plastic faucet has a variety of colors, rich shapes and colors, and has good aesthetics and practicality.

  1. How to choose a plastic faucet?

Although plastic faucets are tasteless and non-toxic, there are still many merchants on the market who violate the morality of branches and leaves in order to make profits, and add harmful substances to the plastic to achieve the purpose of profit. Therefore, when buying a plastic faucet, you must first look for the brand. The quality of a good faucet brand is guaranteed; Be careful when choosing a plastic faucet.

The material of plastic faucets is relatively safe, practical and durable. The above is the knowledge I shared with you today, I hope it can help you!

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