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Are you still worried about the leaking faucet? Here's how to repair a faucet.

Posted on September 20 2022

In our family life, the faucet is an indispensable device. The faucet is a tool we often use. The more we use it, it will inevitably be damaged. Let's take a look at what to do if the faucet leaks.

What should I do if the faucet is leaking?

  1. Replaced internal parts.

Water leakage from the faucet is a headache for many families, because the leakage of the faucet will not only waste water resources, but also bring inconvenience to our lives. In fact, the leakage of the faucet generally only needs to replace the shaft gasket or triangular gasket inside the faucet and other seals. Parts of the pad can be used.

  1. Check whether the water-stop tape is damaged.

Secondly, if there is water leakage in the faucet joint, it is likely to be caused by the damage of the water-stop tape that fastens the fixing screws of the faucet. Our solution is to disassemble the faucet and roll it again. Just put on new waterstop tape.

Faucet Repair Steps

  1. Remove the screw of the faucet

First of all, many of the faucets we use in our lives are push-type faucets. Generally, we only need to remove the small screws on them. Note that some screws will be hidden in the buttons. We only need to open the buttons and continue to remove them.

  1. Remove the faucet valve core

When we take off the nuts of the faucet, be careful not to leave scratches on the faucet, and secondly, we can turn the valve core or shaft in the same direction to open the faucet to unscrew them and look at the various parts inside.

  1. Remove the screws securing the washer

If necessary, we can use penetrating oil to ensure that the screws are loosened, so that the screws and valve core can also be inspected, and if they are bad, replace the old washer with an identical new washer.

  1. Install faucet components and test

After fixing the new gasket to the valve core, reinstall the various parts of the faucet in the previous order. After the official installation, you can restart the faucet to check whether there is still water leakage.

In our daily life, the faucet is a relatively common device. It brings convenience to our life, but because we use it more frequently in our life, the faucet is relatively easy to be damaged. After it is damaged, you can repair it according to the above method.