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Can't remove the old scale on the faucet? Easy 4 steps to remove

Posted on December 16 2022

When cleaning the kitchen, sinks and faucets are often forgotten places. If you observe carefully, you will find that the faucets are covered with scale and mucus. Even if a water filter is installed, if the water outlet is not clean, the water quality will be affected. In fact, cleaning the faucet does not require any chemical cleaners, only "citric acid" is needed to remove scale and white dirt adhering to the water outlet in one go.
Where does limescale come from?

Sinks and faucets are the wettest places in the kitchen, and because of long-term accumulation of water or a small amount of food residue, it is easy to cause the drain to stink. The problem of the smell of the drain can be solved with ice cubes, but scale (water stains) and mucus are relatively difficult to clean. When the faucet becomes dry, circles of scale are obvious, and it is difficult to remove it no matter how much you scrub; mucus often appears in the outlet. If the position of the water outlet is left for too long, bacteria will breed, and it is easy to grow bacteria with odor, or make the sink smell again.

Detergent splash residue is also easy to breed bacteria

When washing dishes, it is inevitable that the detergent will splash everywhere and stick to the faucet and the crevices. Because these detergents contain oily ingredients, they are easy to adhere to dirt. When dirty detergent is splashed into the crevices and faucets, and they are not cleaned immediately, scale and mucus will slowly form over time, turning into old water stains that are difficult to clean.

"Natural Cleanser" removes old dirt in one go

The natural cleaner "citric acid" can remove old scale, mucus, and white dirt from the water outlet in one go. The steps to clean the faucet are as follows:

  1. Mix citric acid and water at a ratio of "1:2" to make citric acid water.
  2. The kitchen paper towel is covered with citric acid water, apply it on the faucet in the form of a wet compress, about 2 to 3 hours, try to make the kitchen paper towel stick to the faucet, if the scale is too stubborn, it can be applied for up to 8 hours; after the time is up , clean the faucet once with a damp cloth.
  3. Use a toothbrush to clean the connection position of the faucet switch.
  4. If it is a shower faucet, you can sprinkle citric acid on the water outlet (slightly wet), and then scrape the citric acid away with a stainless steel spoon.

Clean the faucet according to the above steps, and the scale and mucus can be completely removed. Citric acid is sold in general supermarkets, and there are many brands. It is recommended to shop around before buying.

Precautions for using citric acid

  1. Gloves must be worn to protect hands when using and cleaning.
  2. Avoid using it with other cleaning agents and white vinegar.
  3. Since citric acid will dissolve calcium, it cannot be used on natural stones such as marble.

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