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Descaling overhead showers: pure water pleasure

Posted on February 21 2023

If you descale your rain shower or your overhead shower correctly, you can enjoy water for a long time. But what does "correct" mean? This how-to article provides valuable advice. Discover how to descale your overhead, hand or side shower quickly, gently and easily – so it always looks like new.

Appropriate cleaning aids:

1.Use a soft, clean cloth and never use abrasive aids such as sponges or microfiber cloths.

2.Do not use a steam cleaner as the high temperature may damage the shower head.

Suitable cleaners:

1.Use only mild cleansers, such as citric acid-based ones.

2.Do not use detergents containing hydrochloric acid, formic acid, sodium hypochlorite or acetic acid as they may cause serious injury. Cleaners containing phosphoric acid should only be used on a limited basis. Never mix cleaners!

3.Never spray spray cleaners directly onto the shower as the spray may seep into the shower and cause damage.

4.It is best to spray the cleaner on a soft cloth and wipe the surface with it.

5.Rinse your shower head thoroughly with clean water after cleaning.

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