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Don't choose the wrong bathroom basin faucet! Single hole/Double hole/Three holes/Buried wall type one-time view

Posted on February 14 2023

The faucet of the bathroom basin is one of the indispensable hardware in the home. Different types of faucets and installation methods have a crucial impact on the convenience of use. Do you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of various types of faucets? Which one better suits your needs? Quickly look down!
Single-hole faucet—easy to install and many styles to choose from

Because the basin with a single hole is relatively common, the single-hole faucet is the main choice for most families, and there are many styles and styles, which are highly compatible with various types of basins. With just one handle to control water volume and temperature, it is easy to operate and easy to install yourself. But it should be noted that if the water heater in the home is relatively old, the temperature of the outlet water will not be so easy to control. In addition, in addition to the general height of the single-hole faucet to choose from, if the home bathroom uses a countertop basin, it must be equipped with a heightened single-hole faucet, which will be more convenient and convenient when washing.

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Porous faucet - more layers, more stable temperature regulation

The multi-hole faucet is installed according to the number of holes in the basin, among which two holes and three holes are the most common. Double-hole faucets are commonly used in early washbasins with two faucet holes. As this type of washbasin is about to enter history, the styles of double-hole faucets are relatively new, and the appearance is mostly traditional, while three-hole faucets are commonly used in The countertop is different from the single-hole basin faucet in terms of structure. The three-hole faucet is disassembled into the cold water switch handle, the hot water switch handle and the main body of the water outlet. Precisely adjust the outlet water temperature in line with the user's habits.

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Buried wall faucet - simple and neat, does not take up space

In addition to being installed on the basin and countertop, the faucet also has the option of being embedded in the wall. The wall-mounted faucet is visually simple and neat, does not take up much space, and is easy to clean. Many restaurants and restaurants will choose it. However, because the hot and cold pipe outlets of the wall-mounted faucet are on the wall, the faucet pipeline needs to be embedded in the wall. It is about 6 cm deep, so it is necessary to plan the water pipeline, the height and location of the water outlet before installation, and reserve a maintenance hole. Compared with the vertical single-hole faucet, the process is relatively complicated, and the choice of color and style is also more difficult. a bit less.

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Precautions when installing the faucet

Be sure to clean the pipeline before installing the faucet to avoid foreign matter in the water pipe from rushing into the faucet and causing blockage or reducing the water volume, or even damaging the switch. Before removing the old faucet, remember to turn off the water source and then turn on the faucet. After the accumulated water in the pipe runs out, disassemble and replace it. Although the installation method of the single-hole faucet is relatively simple and can be assembled by yourself, it is recommended to entrust a professional to install the faucet to avoid water leakage due to incorrect assembly, or wrong spacing and aperture of the water outlet, resulting in inconvenient use of the sink.

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