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Don't Know How to Match Basin Faucets? Look Here

Posted on August 15 2023

Basin faucets not only provide convenience for our daily use but also contribute to the overall decoration. Therefore, they have gained the favor of numerous consumers. However, it's important to understand some matching techniques to enhance the overall decorative effect. So, what are the tips for matching basin faucets? How do you maintain basin faucets? Let's explore these topics below.

I. What Are the Tips for Matching Basin Faucets?

  1. Model Compatibility: The most crucial aspect is to ensure model compatibility. If not, it might lead to installation problems. Even if you manage to install it somehow, leaks might be unavoidable.
  2. Style and Color Coordination: It's essential to coordinate the style and color. If your bathroom primarily features cool tones, you can opt for a silver faucet. For bathrooms with warm tones, a gold faucet would be more suitable. If the bathroom's style is intricate, a cream-colored faucet can be chosen.
  3. Faucet Exterior Design: With technological advancements, faucet styles have become more diverse. There's a rule of thumb for coordination as well. A straight faucet complements a glass basin, while a curved faucet matches a kitchen sink. A regular short-handled faucet works well with an under-counter basin, and a long-spouted curved faucet with two handles is suitable for a ceramic basin.
  4. Straight-handled faucets for glass basins look aesthetically pleasing but may not be very practical, as their water outlet isn't at the center of the basin. On the other hand, a curved faucet with double handles might not look appealing due to its contact with the glass, giving a sense of insecurity. Therefore, if you're not an extreme fashion enthusiast, choosing a ceramic basin would make it easier to find a compatible faucet.

II. How to Maintain Basin Faucets?

  1. After installing the faucet, it's recommended to clean the surface marks and fingerprints once every month. Rinse the surface with clean water and wipe it dry with a soft cloth. To maintain the exterior's shine, you can clean it with car wax once a month. Surface cleaning is for aesthetics, while interior cleaning is the most crucial factor affecting the faucet's lifespan.
  2. If the water flow reduces or splits, it indicates that the faucet's aerator is clogged. In this case, remove the aerator, soak it in vinegar, clean it with a small brush or other tools, and reinstall it.
  3. People are concerned about lead in faucets. In reality, no matter how good the faucet is, it's difficult to completely avoid some level of lead deposition due to the water. Generally, the lead content is greatly reduced to meet standards, thanks to the protective layer inside the faucet. However, water that stagnates in the faucet for an extended period can lead to the detachment of the lead protective layer, causing lead to leach into the water. Traditional faucets and pipes, in particular, are more prone to rust and water pollution. Therefore, when using them for the first time, it's necessary to flush out the stagnant water inside the pipes. In terms of product selection, stainless steel faucets are relatively healthier but come at a higher price.

In Conclusion: The above provides a comprehensive introduction to tips for matching basin faucets and how to maintain them. I hope this article proves helpful to everyone.

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