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Faucet and Installation Mismatch? You Probably Didn't Pay Attention to These Details

Posted on August 14 2023

The height of the basin faucet is non-adjustable, leading to frequent bending during daily washing. It's not only troublesome but also results in the basin and yourself getting soaked. Surprisingly, there are so many pitfalls in bathroom water usage. Next, Little Maga will guide you to pay attention to the faucet details, helping you "avoid pitfalls" for a more exquisite life.

PART 01 Confirm the Aperture: Choose a Compatible Faucet Confirm the hole spacing: The hot and cold faucets have a standard hole spacing of 32-35mm. You need to select a faucet that corresponds to the actual size to avoid compatibility issues with the aperture.

Choose a compatible faucet type: Pay attention to selecting a faucet that matches the style of the basin, making the overall look more unified. The height of the faucet compatible with under-counter basins should be around 7-8cm, as a higher faucet might easily hit the mirror cabinet above. You can also opt for a pull-down faucet, which makes cleaning and hair washing on the washbasin much more convenient.

If the installation space is relatively narrow, it is recommended to install a concealed faucet. A concealed faucet refers to burying the valve body of the faucet inside the wall, freeing up space on the washbasin. (Concealed faucets require pre-drilled holes for embedding the valve body. Consider the thickness of the bathroom wall, with a depth of 65-75mm, a height above the basin of 120-150mm, and a height above the ground of 950-1000mm).

PART 02 Anticipate and Determine Position Space Judge the "movable" distance: When choosing a basin faucet, please confirm the size between the bathroom cabinet and the countertop of the mirror cabinet to prevent inconvenience in the opening and closing of the faucet.

Leave space to avoid interfering with the gravity ball: When selecting a pull-down faucet, please confirm whether there is enough space below the faucet for pulling down. There should be no debris near the gravity ball, as it may interfere with the rebound effect of the gravity ball during the pull-down process.

Gravity ball pull-down faucet: The pull-down hose extends when pulled, and then retracts through the gravity ball. Pull-down usage is not restricted, allowing for more comprehensive cleaning. It is recommended to choose a woven structure for the pull-down hose, as it has less resistance compared to connected structures, providing a better hand feel.

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