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Good-looking showers are the same, and easy-to-use showers are one in a thousand

Posted on October 31 2022

Showers with a variety of styling functions are dazzling, it is easy to make people dazzled. What kind of shower is a good shower? High quality copper forged body is more durable.

High-quality copper is pure in color and has advantages in weather resistance and salinity resistance. It is not prone to blasting, and it will not precipitate harmful substances after long-term use, and the water quality is more guaranteed. Looking at the main body color from the cross-section of the connection port, there are more general impurities with blue and dark colors. The main body of the shower is heavier in the hand, and the wall thickness is thicker, which is more secure. YOROOW Sanitary Ware has many styles of shower main body made of high-quality copper, with dense surface and uniform wall thickness, and all of them have passed the salt spray test.

After the shower is used for a long time, whether there will be no luster, fading, pitting, foaming and other phenomena is an important indicator to judge the quality of the shower. The current national standard requires a 24-hour acid salt spray test, which is roughly equivalent to a 72-hour neutral salt spray test. Ask about this important indicator before buying, and worry about it for many years. The water outlet is not easy to be blocked, so it is easy to worry.

The shower is easy to accumulate limescale after being used for a long time and cause blockage, which not only affects the shower experience, but also breeds bacteria and brings health risks. Therefore, when buying a shower, you must carefully see the faucet, and choose silicone material, which is easy to clean and more durable. It is best to choose a spout with a self-cleaning function. The shower head produced by YOROOW can increase the self-cleaning function of the shower head according to the customer's requirements, which is more convenient to clean and the shower is healthier and hygienic. It is comfortable to take a bath with smooth water flow.

When taking a bath, the water flow is bifurcated and intermittent, which affects the mood very much. It is necessary to test the water before purchasing. YOROOW bathroom shower, the air injection technology blessing the water flow as soft as a drizzle, washes gently and delicately on the body, you can enjoy a SPA-like shower at home.

First look,second questions,third touches, fourth tests, and help you find your favorite shower!

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