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Hidden faucets. Have you ever seen them? Do not clean will not dirty, refuse to sanitary dead space

Posted on October 31 2022

What is a hidden faucet?

Concealed faucets are the same as concealed showers, that is, all the redundant/fixed places are buried in the wall, leaving only switches and water outlets outside the wall. Generally, the faucet and the basin are independent of each other, so there is no need to consider the internal combination of the two, so the shape is very casual, and there is no need to think about the same specifications. Therefore, in-wall faucets have more choices in shape.

Generally speaking, the in-wall faucet has a high appearance, and there is no connection with the basin, so the sanitary corner will naturally disappear, which can save a lot of worry.

Two forms of in-wall faucets.

  1. Single control form: a faucet with only one switch

(1) Conjoined hidden faucet with single control mixing valve

  • Separate hidden faucet with single control mixing valve

(3) Hidden faucet with single control water mixing valve and embedded box,This kind of pre-embedded box not only has a cover plate in appearance, but also has a different internal structure. The pre-embedded box will come with a level gauge. When pre-embedding, the entire yellow box should be pre-buried in the wall.

2.Sub-control form:The sub-control water valve has a hidden faucet, which means that the hot and cold water are controlled separately, the left is hot and the right is cold, and the water outlet is in the middle. (Double switch, the hot and cold water should be adjusted separately. The water flow is large in the process of adjusting to the appropriate water temperature, which is not very water-saving. If only hot water is turned on, it is easy to burn, which is not suitable for the elderly and children, but more decorative)

These are the styles of concealed faucets that often appear on the market. They often appear in villas and hotels, saving worry and cleaning, and now there is no need to dismantle the wall for maintenance, which is beautiful and easy to use. When purchasing, you should also pay attention to the bubbler at the faucet, which reduces noise, prevents splashing, and saves water efficiently.

Advantages and disadvantages


  1. Because part of it is embedded in the wall, it can save a certain amount of space and release the position of the countertop, which looks more integrated and more beautiful.
  2. There is no connection with the basin and countertop, so there is no sanitary dead corner, and annoying scale and mold will not appear.
  3. Good looks.


  1. The price and installation cost will be higher than the original ordinary faucet.
  2. General installation companies or workers will not install.
  3. Although there is no need to knock on the wall for damage now, it is more troublesome to maintain than ordinary faucets.


  1. Due to the concealed installation, the wall-mounted faucet must be pre-buried together with the water pipe when it is used for hydropower. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase the faucet style in advance before doing hydropower.
  2. Do not take off the protective cover of the product during the construction process, so as not to damage the product.
  3. Be sure to pressurize the product to test whether there is water leakage and whether the water pipe connection is correct.
  4. Before installation, the debris at the connection must be removed to avoid blockage or water leakage.
  5. The installation height is best controlled at a height of 15~20cm above the basin/sink, and a height of 95cm~100cm from the ground.
  6. If there is no problem, then proceed with the process of tiling.

Do you want?

  1. The wall-mounted faucet has a high appearance and can be matched with various styles according to your own preferences.
  2. The in-wall faucet has a miraculous effect in a relatively compact bathroom, which can save a lot of space.
  3. Everyone's main concern about in-wall faucets is maintenance, and they are worried about water leakage. In fact, the in-wall faucet is similar to the shower at home, and the technology is very mature, and it is a completely popular practice abroad.

We can compare it with ordinary faucets:

(1) Different connection methods: ordinary faucets are connected to the water outlet through angle valves and hoses for water supply; in-wall faucets are connected to the water outlet through embedded parts for water supply, and the embedded parts and the water outlet are installed as one. As far as the connection method is concerned, the in-wall faucet has fewer steps.

(2) Different accessories: ordinary faucet accessories are angle valve, hose, faucet, angle valve, hose, faucet itself may cause water leakage; in-wall faucet accessories are embedded parts and faucet, because there is no angle valve and soft With these accessories, there is only the possibility of water seepage in the embedded parts and faucets. If you choose a good brand, this probability will be further reduced. The more complex the connection method, the more connection points, and the more hidden dangers. Comparing the two, the hidden dangers of the in-wall faucet are actually smaller. So make your choice boldly! As long as you choose a good brand and ask professionals to standardize the installation, there is no problem.


  1. Choose high-quality brand products, and fully understand the accessories of the product before purchasing.
  2. When purchasing a faucet, try your best to try it out, mainly to test whether the switch handle is smooth. You can't just choose a beautiful style and ignore the practicability of the product.
  3. The size of the in-wall faucet is fixed. After installation, its ease of use is also related to the size of the basin/sink, bathtub, etc. It is necessary to understand the basin/sink and bathtub before purchasing. The distance from the wall, so that when choosing a faucet, the length of its spout can be accurately selected. It is required that the spout of the faucet should not be close to the edge of the basin/sink or bathtub, otherwise it will affect the convenience of use.

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