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How Does A Faucet Aerator Work?

Posted on November 24 2022

When decorating kitchens and bathrooms, many owners will pay attention to the installation and use of faucets. Especially in the use of faucets, many families will install an additional faucet bubbler to save water resources. But many people don't know much about the principle of faucet bubbler. So, how does a faucet aerator work?

The principle of the faucet bubbler:The bubbler is installed at the water outlet end of the faucet, and the air is mixed (added) when the water is discharged. The hand feeling is more comfortable when washing hands, but it can be deduced from this that "it can fully mix the passing water and air, reduce the water pressure of the water, and increase the flushing force of the water, thereby effectively reducing water consumption. ".

The principle of the faucet bubbler:The faucet bubbler is to change the "pipe flow" of water into "line flow" at the outlet of the faucet, and then change the "line flow" into "jet flow" through the pressure of the air, and then pass through the " "Separate water" Beat the water well to make the water soft. The water is powered by the pressurization of the air, which reduces the flow of water and does not affect the use. It can reduce water charges, reduce energy consumption and reduce sewage discharge.