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How Important is The Material of The Shower Head?

Posted on November 17 2022

Whether the material of the shower head is good or not is very important. So what are the materials of the general shower. Which is better.

The first is the faucet material: generally there are stainless steel shower faucets, plastic shower faucets, and copper shower faucets. The faucet of the first two materials is not as good as the copper shower faucet.
All copper is less likely to rust than steel and other metals, so that the flowers are durable.

The second is the material of the valve core: this is the lifeblood of the shower head. As for the material of the valve core of the shower head, it is best to use a high-hardness ceramic valve core. It is easy to be lured, and it is smooth to use without being jerky.

The third is the material of the shower hose: the shower hose has various metal hoses, braided hoses, PNC reinforced hoses, etc. There are some differences in different materials, and there is no absolute answer to which one is better. When purchasing, you should look at the smoothness of the surface of the hose, uniform gaps, smooth feel, natural expansion, firm structure, and strong damage resistance.

I believe that most people are not unfamiliar with the existence of shower heads. After all, they are used frequently in daily life, especially shower wine with high quality and service, which can not only obtain a longer service life, but also be popular among consumers. favor. Since there are many types of shower heads on the market, it is inevitable that there will be obstacles in the choice. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the characteristics that the shower head should have before purchasing, which will help to clarify the best purchase ideas and prevent falling into inappropriate misunderstanding.

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