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How much is it to turn on the faucet for a day?

Posted on November 18 2022

Saving water is one of the necessary habits in everyone's life. If you forget to turn off the tap when you go out, you will not only waste water in the day, but you will also be charged for water. So, how much is it to turn on the faucet for a day? How much water is wasted if you forget to turn off the faucet for a day? Let's take a look at the introduction brought by yoroow.com!

How much does it cost to turn on the faucet for a day?

If it is a normal standard faucet, it will cost about 20 yuan to open it for one day. You can check the self-pressurized water meter, then look at the water consumption of the water meter during the day, and then calculate the water fee based on this water quantity. The data on the water meter is the actual daily water consumption. The water consumption of the faucet for one day must be determined according to the number of faucets in your home. If your faucet has many water outlets, the water consumption displayed on the water meter needs to be divided by its number.

Basically, for a normal standard faucet, if the water meter is also detected correctly, it will cost more than 20 yuan a day to open it.

Forgot to turn off the faucet and how much water wasted in a day

If you forget to turn off the tap, you will lose about 30.48 tons a day. The general household faucet is DN15. According to this calculation, when the faucet is filled with water, it can put 1.27 tons of water in one hour.

Leaking water from the faucet will cause a lot of waste of resources and bring a lot of inconvenience to life. In fact, the structure of the faucet is very simple. Generally speaking, the water leakage of the faucet can be solved by replacing the axial gasket or triangular gasket inside the faucet with gasket parts.

If there is water leakage at the faucet joint, the main reason is that the water stop belt that fastens the fixing screw of the faucet is damaged. So just remove the faucet with a wrench and re-roll new waterproof tape where the screws hold.

Is it normal that the water fee is expensive?

We pay the water bill by ourselves at the water supply company, which is the same as the normal price, and the property management does not participate. In some places, the property management agency collects it, which is tricky. My electricity bill is also paid by myself, and it is the same as the normal price, but the heating Fees are collected by the property management agency and cannot be paid by themselves, so the price of heating fees is relatively high. In short, the property management must control one or more items in water, heating, and electricity to control the owners. It is in line with the maximization of one's own interests. After all, the purpose of the property company is to make money.

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