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How should the shower be chosen? These common sense of selection must be understood

Posted on February 21 2023

A good shower head can make people feel like enjoying a massage while bathing, assisting people to eliminate the fatigue of the day and achieve a refreshing effect of body and mind. However, when some showers take a shower, either there is too much water, or the water is hot and cold, and if you are not careful, it will fall off, which will affect the bathing experience.

Therefore, even if it is a small shower, you must choose it carefully, so how can you choose a good shower? Let us look down together.

Shower source, component parts

The shower head in the bathroom actually evolved from the watering can for watering flowers. It also has some other names, such as shower head, shower, etc.

In addition, the shower is usually composed of these main parts: top spray shower head, faucet, valve core, shower hose and bracket, etc.

Among them, the shower head is the water outlet of the shower head, and the styles of the shower head are different.

A faucet is a component that controls the entry and exit of water.

The spool is the most important part of the faucet. It can mix hot and cold water in different proportions to make the water temperature suitable.

The shower hose is an intermediate hose that connects the faucet and the shower, allowing the shower to be taken and placed freely.

The bracket is the part that connects the whole shower system, connects the parts of the shower, and connects them in series.

Shower selection in various ways
After understanding the shower head, we can better choose the shower head. The selection of showers can be selected according to its material, weight, shape and other aspects. Through summarization, it can be selected from the following three aspects.

  1. Select according to the water effect
  2. The water outlet method of the shower head is also rich according to the difference of the shower head. There are general style, massage style, vortex style, strong beam style, soft style and waterfall style.

Summarized, these modes are collectively referred to as the form of massage + basic water discharge. Each mode has subtle differences, so just choose according to your own preferences.

  1. It should be noted that the diffusion area when the water comes out. The larger the water diffusion area, the wider the body contact area when showering. If the diffusion surface is small, the water flow will be concentrated, which will not only waste water, but also cause low comfort. Therefore, from the perspective of the water discharge effect, the larger the diameter of the landing water splash, the better.
  2. At the same time, it is also necessary to choose a shower head with strong, full and uniform water flow, and during the adjustment process, the sensitivity of the increase or decrease of the water volume is high, so that you can "bath" as you like.
  3. Select according to the material process
    The materials for making showers are different. According to the different faucets, they can generally be divided into stainless steel shower faucets, plastic shower faucets, copper chrome-plated shower faucets, and alloy material faucets.
  4. Stainless steel shower faucets are more commonly used. It has many advantages, does not pollute the water source, and is resistant to acid and alkali.
  5. Plastic shower faucet, generally its outlet hole is made of silica gel. The material is convenient to manufacture and easy to produce. However, if you use it for too long, there will be scale residue, and it will be more troublesome to clean.
  6. The copper chrome-plated shower faucet is more durable and not easy to rust. However, after the shower is chrome-plated, after a long period of wear, it is easy to fall off in a humid environment.
  7. Alloy shower faucets generally include aluminum alloy, aluminum-magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, etc. They are low in production cost, durable and lightweight. However, some zinc alloy showers are easy to break.

The above materials have different advantages and disadvantages, and the owner can choose the right one according to his own situation.

  1. Select according to the form of water outlet
    The shower has three different water outlet forms, and different water outlet forms can bring different shower experiences. Some shower designs can integrate multiple water outlet forms at the same time.
  2. Hand shower: It is the most common form of shower. It is easy to hold and can help clean all parts of the body.

Overhead shower: it is fixed directly above the head and discharges water vertically downwards. Its size is large, and the water output is generally relatively large. The overhead shower is not as flexible as the hand shower, and usually, the overhead shower and the hand shower will be used together.

  1. Side spray shower: The current side spray shower can adjust the angle, and the installation method is usually concealed, which has a certain massage effect.

Shower installation, surface installation process

In the process of installing the shower, there are also some points worthy of careful attention, such as the installation height, if it is too high, it will be out of reach, and the water splash will hurt when it falls, and if it is too low, it is inconvenient, and it will be awkward to wash. Therefore, proper installation can make the shower experience more perfect.

There are two ways to install the shower, one is surface-mounted and the other is concealed-mounted. Taking the surface-mounted type as an example, the specific installation process of the shower is as follows:

  1. Determine the size. After measuring the size of the shower head, determine the width and overall height of the fixed distance when the shower head is installed on the wall. The distance from the faucet to the ground is generally about 60cm.
  2. Punch holes. Drill holes according to the measured size, and pay attention not to penetrate the water pipes in the wall. The joints should be wrapped with raw tape to prevent the water pipes from leaking.
  3. Installation accessories. Fix the accessories in the shower to the wall with screws, including the faucet and the entire bracket.
  4. Check the device. Finally, install the shower head on the shower bracket. After installation, check whether the level is sufficient, and at the same time open the faucet, remove the impurities in the hose, and check whether the nozzle can be used normally.

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