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How to choose bathroom hardware accessories? Don't let your life be ruined by the details!

Posted on February 15 2023

Whether the bathroom is good or not will greatly affect the happiness index of life. Rusted cabinet handles? The shower is running slowly? The floor drain is clogged and smelly?

If the bathroom decoration ignores the hardware, life will be full of slots in the future. Today, Xiaoerjun will talk to you about the points for attention in the purchase of bathroom hardware.

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What is bathroom hardware?

Bathroom hardware accessories mainly include bathroom mirrors, faucets, showers, pendants, shelves, hoses, angle valves, drains, floor drains and other metal products.

How to choose bathroom hardware accessories?

01 look at style

Usually when we buy products, the first thing we pay attention to must be the exterior, that is, their style.

The details are related to the perfection of the overall design. If the matching is right, it can play the role of icing on the cake. If the matching is not good, the whole space will appear nondescript.

If the bathroom at home is mainly in an elegant European style, then the hardware can choose a style and style that is close to retro and court styles.

If it is a young family who advocates new fashion, then the unique style and solid-color hardware can better show individuality.

If it is simple, small and fresh, then the most classic and versatile silver hardware accessories are the most suitable.

02 look at the material

High-quality hardware accessories generally use fine-polished pure copper, high-quality zinc alloy or titanium alloy as raw materials, with tight structure, heavy weight and thick feel.

Most of the inferior materials use inferior zinc alloy recycled materials as raw materials, and cut corners to reduce costs. The structure is loose, the weight is light, and the hand feels frivolous.

03Look at the craftsmanship

  • Handle: There are two fixing methods for the handle: screws and glue. Of course, the one with screws is stronger.
  • Hinge: The quality of the hinge is determined by the bearing, the larger the diameter of the bearing, the thicker the wall, the better.
  • Slide rails: high-quality slide rails are smooth to push and pull, no noise, and have a large load-bearing capacity
  • Hanging wheel: Put the hanging wheel on the glass counter, push and pull it back and forth with your hands to see if it feels good or bad and whether there is noise.

04 Look at the coating

High-quality hardware not only requires grinding, polishing, and dust removal in the early stage, but also many processes later. The more coatings, the smoother and more delicate the surface, the better the quality.

Identification skills: Hold the hardware for 2~3 seconds, and the fog and traces will disappear quickly after releasing it, which means it is a good material. If it does not disperse for a long time, it means that it is made of inferior raw materials.

05 look at the price

Bathroom hardware is really what you pay for, so choose the most expensive ones within the economical range, and choose products from well-known brands.

Reminder: Develop the habit of opening doors and windows to keep the air in the bathroom unblocked, which will help prolong the service life of bathroom hardware accessories.

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