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How to choose the angle valve? Be careful that the angle valve you are using in your home will leak!

Posted on February 16 2023

Little attention is paid to small hardware such as angle valves in daily life, but angle valves are essential plumbing accessories for home decoration. The angle valve is the angle stop valve. Because the pipe forms a 90-degree corner shape at the angle valve, it is called "angle valve"; because the valve body has three ports: water inlet, water volume control port and water outlet, people often call it "angle valve". It is "triangular valve".

What is the angle valve used for?

  1. The angle valve is installed at the water inlet of the sanitary ware, and is used to connect hot water pipes such as faucets, toilets, and water heaters.
  2. Adjust water pressure, control water flow, save water.
  3. Similar to a small switch, it is convenient to control the waterway when repairing the water pipe. For example, if the faucet leaks at home, the waterway can be closed through the angle valve without closing the main valve at home.

How many angle valves does a family need?

Generally speaking, as long as there is water inflow, angle valves will be used.

Toilet (squatting toilet) water tank: 1 cold water angle valve

Bathroom cabinet basin: 2 hot and cold angle valves

Water heater: 2 hot and cold angle valves

Kitchen sink: 2 hot and cold angle valves

The above is based on the standard configuration of one kitchen and one bathroom, which requires 4 cold and 3 hot, and at least 7 angle valves.

The demand for household angle valves is not small. Although they are not commonly used, they cannot be ignored. Inferior angle valves are easy to break and leak after being used for a long time, causing water to flood the home. Therefore, angle valves must be selected with reliable quality.

How to choose angle valve?
The structure of the angle valve is relatively simple, mainly divided into three parts: the shell, the valve core, and the handle, and two interfaces, one for water inlet and one for water outlet. The universal interface is G1/2 (4 points), which is suitable for all toilet and faucet hoses.

  1. Housing

The main body of the angle valve on the market is mainly made of brass, stainless steel, zinc alloy and iron.

The red forged brass angle valve is thick and textured, heavy in the hand, and has a service life of more than 10 years. Looking from the water inlet to the inside, the angled surface is smooth and there are no blemishes such as pores and trachomas. Generally, it is red punched forging. The quality of the angle valve made by this process is very good.

Stainless steel angle valves are more durable than brass, and the price is relatively higher, but copper has antibacterial properties, while stainless steel does not.

It is not recommended to buy zinc alloy and iron angle valves, because the two materials are prone to rust and become brittle after a long time, and they may be broken in the pipe when they are replaced. Forcible disassembly may also damage the inner wire of the water outlet!

  1. Spool

Angle valve spools include ceramic spools, spherical spools, ABS spools, etc. Ceramic spools are the first choice for household use, and other spools are mostly used in engineering. The ceramic spool switch feels smooth, has a long service life and relatively high cost, and is suitable for home use. The opening and closing of the rubber rotary valve core is quite laborious, and most of them have been eliminated at present.
3. Handle The handle materials mainly include zinc alloy, stainless steel, brass and ABS plastic, etc. ABS is anti-scald, zinc alloy is more common, stainless steel and brass are relatively more durable, and the price is also higher.

The price of angle valves on the market ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan, the difference lies in the main material, valve core, handle material and process. The corner valve worth a few dollars said it was made of pure copper, but it was a scam. The ex-factory price of a brass angle valve is between 20-40, and the ex-factory price of a better one is above 40-100. As for the angle valve of a few yuan, it saves money when buying, but it is not worry-free when using it.

In short, when purchasing an angle valve, the focus is on the material and valve core, which is also the main reason for the price difference.

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