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How to deal with the dripping sensor faucet

Posted on February 27 2023

The induction faucet has good decorative shape and good water saving effect, and is favored by many consumers. But also pay attention to the maintenance of the induction faucet in daily life, otherwise it will be easy to drip after a long time. How to deal with the dripping water from the sensor faucet? How to maintain the induction faucet? Let YOROOW Sanitary Ware take a look with you.

Treatment method for dripping water from sensor faucet

  1. Prepare some tools in the early stage, such as Phillips screwdriver, slotted screwdriver, adjustable wrench, etc. The filter screen needs to be used with the front filter screen of the solenoid valve. The cleaning impurities are divided into cleaning the filter screen impurities and cleaning the solenoid valve coil impurities. Before cleaning the impurities, please Adjust the closed state of the water regulating valve, or close the water main valve switch.
  2. The flow rate requirement of 0.05~0.125L/induction faucet is s. If the flow rate of the induction faucet is getting smaller and smaller and the water cannot be turned off, please consider cleaning the filter screen of the solenoid valve. If you need to clean the filter valve, please close the water volume control valve clockwise, then use the "one" screwdriver to unscrew the filter screen, rinse with clean water, reinstall the rotary fastening, and open the water volume control valve. Take special care to close the water control valve before removing the strainer.

How to maintain the induction faucet?

  1. Clean the surface with a soft cloth dipped in an appropriate amount of toothpaste, and then clean the surface of the faucet with clean water. It is forbidden to scrub with alkaline detergent, hard objects or steel wire brushes, so as not to scratch the electroplating surface of the faucet and affect the appearance;
  2. The outlet of the faucet is equipped with a foaming machine. Due to water quality problems, the flow of the faucet often decreases for a period of time. This may be because the foaming machine is blocked by impurities, so you can unscrew the foaming machine, remove the impurities with clean water, and then put it back to its original state;
  3. The electroplating process on the surface of the faucet is so fine that it cannot withstand direct collision or friction of hard objects. Therefore, during use, try to avoid contact with hard objects to avoid scratches on the surface of the faucet;
  4. It is strictly forbidden to flush the power supply part of the automatic sensor faucet with water to avoid circuit failure. Prevent installation in humid environment;
  5. Keep the sensor window clean and avoid water and other foreign matter from sticking to the surface.

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