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How to deal with the sound from the bathroom sink

Posted on June 08 2023

When you turn the basin faucet on or off, it may scream, whistle, or creak. There are several possible reasons for these harsh sounds. If your house is newly built, water may not flow through it because your pipes are too narrow. Similarly, the pipes in the old house may become narrow due to the obstruction of the scale formed therein, and the bathroom faucet will also make noise. In both cases, you have to replace these pipes to get rid of the noise, which is not a quick fix.

However, the noise of the basin faucet is more likely caused by the wrong size of the gasket or the gasket is not closely attached to the valve of the basin faucet. You should turn off the water supply before you start this repair work or any other repair work on bathroom faucets. Changing the gasket or holding it tight should eliminate the noise. If the sink faucet still makes noise, check the gasket seat. The gasket seat may be partially sealed by debris, so that the restricted water flow will generate a whistle or squeak. If this is the case, clean the gasket seat.

The long scream you hear when you rotate the handle of the basin faucet means that the metal thread of the spool is squeezing the thread of the bathroom faucet. Remove the spool and apply some petroleum jelly to both sets of threads. Its lubricating effect should make this noise no longer appear and make the handle easier to rotate. Of course, if the valve thread or the thread of the basin faucet body is worn, the action between them will cause the bathroom faucet to vibrate and make noise. In this case, in order to completely eliminate the noise of the bathroom faucet, only lubricating oil is not enough.

Install a new spool and see if noise is still present. If there is still noise, then the reason is that the threads of the basin faucet body are worn out. The only solution is to replace the new basin faucet with a new one. Fortunately, it is often the spool that is worn first. But even if you need to replace the entire basin faucet, this is a simple matter.