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How to easily choose the faucet that suits you? Learn about the relevant knowledge!

Posted on September 29 2022

When decorating a kitchen, we first think of the design and layout, followed by the selection and promotion of countertops, sinks and gas stoves one by one. In fact, the functionality, ease of use and design of the kitchen faucet are also one of the kitchen items that people care about.

Faucet accessories have also become a focal point in the kitchen considering usability and design.

The operation method of kitchen (hot water mixing method) faucet has double handle (double valve) mixing faucet and single lever mixing faucet. In addition, in addition to the conventional handle steering wheel, the method of water discharge/stop can also be operated by buttons (hand or foot switch, etc.), and there are also kitchen faucets that automatically turn on and off through sensors, etc.

Some kitchen faucets also add functions such as hand showers and water purification. Due to the characteristics of use, many gooseneck-shaped (curve like gooseneck) faucets can also be seen in the design. And according to the installation method, there are wall-mounted, sitting (countertop and sink) and other installation types.

Types and characteristics of kitchen faucets

  1. Single Handle Mixing Faucet

Hot and cold water is discharged, operated with a handle for water stop, which can adjust the amount and temperature of hot water on the left and right sides of the operation type. It is widely used in the kitchen because it can be operated with one hand and is easy to use. There are many prices and variations, and most monolithic kitchens also use the single-lever faucet as a standard.

  1. Double Handle (Faucet) Mixing Faucet

The water volume and temperature can be adjusted by two handles for hot and cold water supply. It can also be seen in imported goods such as individual designs.

  1. Mixing Faucet with Hand Shower

The pull-out faucet is really convenient! When washing hair, the pull-out faucet is a very good helper, like a mini shower; it can also achieve long-distance rinsing. It is best to choose a higher kitchen faucet, and the spout should be longer, it is best to extend it to Above the drain, but not splashing water. Now many kitchens have hot water lines, so it is best to choose double ones when purchasing. In order to meet various needs, most of the kitchen faucets can realize the left and right rotation of the faucet body, and the faucet part, the pull-out faucet can pull out the faucet, which is convenient for cleaning to all corners of the sink. When the faucet is used, one hand must be free to hold the faucet

  1. Water purification special faucet/integrated faucet

The difference between front and end water purification

The central pre-filter is a water purification product for the main pipeline. It is installed in any exposed water pipe after the water meter and before the first faucet in the home. The central pre-filter ensures that a large amount of precipitated impurities generated in the water supply pipe network will not be harmful to the human body. It can cause damage and play a pre-protection role for water pipes and water wading equipment (such as water softeners, water purifiers, pure water machines or straight drinking machines, etc.) installed on the water pipes.

The terminal water purifier is a small household water treatment equipment, which can effectively remove chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, algae and suspended solids in the water. It is clear, clean, sterile, and improves the taste. The terminal water purifier will be more widely used in the daily life of ordinary families. Equipped with a hand shower, rectification, and water purification functions.

  1. Automatic Faucet Non-touch Faucet

The non-contact faucet can stop the drainage without touching the faucet body. There is a sensor under the position of the spout, which detects the approach of hands and dishes, thereby controlling the discharge of water, and the faucet automatically stops when it leaves. There is also a type, just put your hand on the sensor on the top of the faucet to sense the water, and stop the water when you repeat the action.

Smart sensor faucets in both cases, the accuracy of the sensors has now improved, and the number of easy-to-use products is gradually entering more homes. Since there is no need to operate the handle, the water flow can be controlled even when both hands are occupied, and the oil or foam on the hands can be avoided during cooking and cleaning. The faucet is also very good and is a very popular sanitary type Faucet.

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