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How to install bathroom faucet

Posted on March 20 2023

General mixed bathroom faucets are shipped with installation dimensions and instructions. Before installation and use, the product packaging inspection certificate should be opened to avoid the use of Sanwu products. In the case of imported goods, we should be more careful.

In addition, you should check whether the hardware accessories are complete. Generally, the hardware accessories should be equipped with: sets of fixing bolts and fixed copper plates and gaskets; a full set of basin lifter and drainer; two water inlet pipes. Take out the faucet and move the handle up, down, left, and right to feel the opening and closing is light and comfortable, with a slight and even block. Then check the electroplated surface, which is bright and free of air bubbles and scratches. If the bathroom faucet is used in a newly built house, since the water supply pipe network is newly laid water, there must be impurities such as sand particles. Before installation, the water should be drained for a long time until the water becomes clear before installation.

At the time of installation, one end of the two water inlet pipes is installed on the faucet, and the other end is connected with two hot and cold angle valves or connected with two hot and cold joints. The basin is drained and installed. The bottom of the basin is connected to the lift and drained water, and the end is connected to the 'S' or 'P' shaped elbow. When opening and using, do not use too much force to cause human damage, and the surface of the faucet should be wiped clean after use. After using for a period of time to cut off the hot and cold water flow, you can use a wrench to carefully unscrew the nozzle filter to clean the impurities and then install it carefully.

At present, many sanitary faucet production companies have certain quality assurance commitments to their products. Generally, leading manufacturers implement three-year quality assurance for users, promising free repair of product quality problems within three years, and enjoy life-long service after three years.