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How to install the kitchen faucet? What are the selection methods for the kitchen faucet?

Posted on February 06 2023

The dish basin is an indispensable thing in the kitchen. Of course, the most important thing is the faucet. The dish basin faucet can help us wash vegetables and cook, and it brings a lot of convenience to our life. How to install the dish basin faucet? What are the methods of purchasing kitchen faucets? Let's find out with me below.

How to install the kitchen faucet?

  1. Connect the hose to the faucet. The first step in installing the faucet for the vegetable basin is to tighten a hose to the faucet, then put it into the hole of the vegetable basin, and try to pull it to see if it is soft. Whether the connection between the pipe and the faucet is firm, and then we fix the other fasteners that need to be assembled before fixing to the faucet.
  2. Fix the faucet, the second step of the installation diagram of the faucet of the vegetable basin is to pass the assembled faucet hose through the vegetable basin, connect it to the fixing parts, and then tighten it with some small tools such as screws, and install it here Pay attention to debugging during the period. After fixing the faucet, we should also pay attention to whether the connection between the faucet and the vegetable basin is tight and whether it is loose.
  3. Connect the water inlet, the third step of the installation diagram of the vegetable basin faucet is to connect the water inlet. After we fix the faucet and the vegetable basin, we put the vegetable basin in a fixed position, and then connect the other end of the hose to the water inlet pipe. The interface is connected, and we should pay attention when taking over the pipe. If it is divided into cold and hot water, generally the left side is hot water, and the right side is cold water. After finishing, the installation of the kitchen faucet is completed.
  4. If it is a constant temperature faucet, we must check the hot and cold outlets of the water pipe before installation, and find out the direction of the hot and cold water outlets, so as not to cause the wrong connection of the hot and cold water pipes, which may cause the faucet of the vegetable basin to malfunction. Work, the faucet of the vegetable basin is used very frequently after installation, because of frequent movement, so we must tighten the nuts during installation to avoid unnecessary troubles later, and before installation we have to Clean up all kinds of magazines and residues from the pipes.

What are the selection methods for the kitchen faucet?

  1. The faucet of high-quality vegetable basin is finely processed, and the surface has a good finish. The surface of the faucet is almost close to the mirror effect without distortion.
  2. The light and thin vegetable basin faucet not only allows the vegetable basin to have the largest washing space, but also the water splashed out of the vegetable basin can be easily wiped into the vegetable basin. The bubbler can fully mix the passing water and air, so that the water flow has the effect of foaming, and the scouring force of the water is improved, thereby effectively reducing the water consumption.
  3. High-quality and regular vegetable basin faucet products all have the manufacturer's brand logo, certificate of conformity, etc. However, some informal products or some inferior products often only have some paper labels, or even no marks. Consumers must look for the brand and see the logo clearly when purchasing.
  4. A good kitchen faucet is integrally cast copper, and you will hear a crisp sound when you hit the surface. If the sound sounds dull, it is made of inferior materials, while a high-quality kitchen faucet should be made of stainless steel. Not in the same class in terms of quality.
  5. High-quality kitchen faucets are made of stainless steel, and stainless steel is a kind of iron alloy. The specific gravity of steel is 7.87, and nickel and chromium heavy metals are added in it. The specific gravity of these metals is larger than that of steel, so the weight is relatively heavy. A good kitchen faucet will have a strong texture, which can be distinguished by weighing.

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