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How to install the shower head 8 steps can be done by yourself

Posted on February 22 2023

The installation of the shower is a technical job. Unlike other hardware, its installation requirements are higher. For the installation steps of the shower, the editor compiled the installation information to tell you the schematic diagram of the installation of the shower and the installation steps of the shower. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone!

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There are a variety of shower products on the market, and different showers have different installation methods and installation heights. The installation height of the shower is determined according to the type of shower, the height in the bathroom, and the special needs of the family. Different families, different bathrooms, even the same shower, the installation height of the shower may be different. However, the installation height of the shower determines the convenience and comfort of the shower. Therefore, when installing the shower, the determination of the installation height of the shower is very important.

Although the shower is small, it has many parts, so be sure to read the instruction manual before installation, and then determine the installation position. When installing the shower, mark the installation position of the shower on the wall according to the height of the group, and then punch holes in the wall. After punching, screw the round bottom cover in the accessories to the wall, and then install the shower Fix it on the wall; after the shower is fixed, tighten it with screws, and finally put on the shower hose and install the hand shower.

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Shower installation steps

  1. First understand the installation instructions in the instruction manual, and then determine the position of the hole.
  2. Measure the size first to determine the best position to install the shower head. Special attention: the left and right direction should be in the middle of the left and right walls of the bathroom, and the vertical direction is based on the position of the faucet.
  3. After determining the installation location, draw the location where the shower needs to be installed on the wall. After confirming the fixed location below, start to find a way to locate the location of a fixed point above, or use a pencil to identify it.
  4. The next step is to drill holes on the wall. According to the position just made, punch holes on the wall. Special reminder: pay attention to the water and electricity pipes in the wall, and do not hit the water pipes in the wall. Some bathroom decorations come from the water pipes above the ceiling, so be careful.
  5. According to the instructions in the instruction manual, screw the round bottom cover in the accessory to the wall. If the screw is not tightened, it may cause the shower to fall off in the future.
  6. Mount the shower pole to the wall. Stabilize the upper fixed point first, and then fix the lower position, because the shower bar will not fall down in the order of first up and then down.
  7. Make fine adjustments after confirming that all the internal corner screws of the upper fixed point are screwed in. Adjust the direction of left and right rotation. Center the uppermost shower head. Then tighten the screws again.
  8. The last step is to tighten the hose cover of the shower head and install the hand shower head. At this time, pay attention that the hose cannot be knotted and twisted. And do a good job of cleaning and maintenance, and the installation of the shower is completed. This is the photo of the installed shower head. The up and down are upright, the left and right are moderate, and the height is in line with the comfort of the human body.

The above are the detailed steps of shower installation. I believe that after reading this article, it will definitely be helpful for those who install the shower by themselves. Of course, you can also ask professional professionals to help you install it.

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