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How to prevent the faucet from freezing in winter, so that the faucet is no longer "fearful" of the cold wave

Posted on December 09 2022

In the cold winter, the temperature in many places will drop below freezing, and the faucet outside is easy to freeze. How to thaw the water dragon picture is frozen? It can be treated with warm water, homemade hot water bags and other methods. So how to prevent the faucet from freezing in winter? Make sure that the environment where the faucet is located is above 0 degrees Celsius, close the doors and windows at night, turn off the water valve or keep the faucet in a dripping state, etc., to prevent freezing. Let’s take a look at the details below.

What to do if the faucet freezes in winter

Due to the cold weather, when the faucet is frozen, we cannot twist the faucet hard, because the faucet is very brittle at this time, and it is easy to twist the faucet when it is hard. We can do something to melt the faucet.

  1. Use hot water

Wrap the faucet with a towel, then pour warm water below 50 degrees Celsius on the towel, and the faucet will defrost naturally after a few minutes. Note that you can't pour it directly without wrapping it in a towel, or pour it with water higher than 50 degrees Celsius. Both of these practices may lead to immediate bursting of the water pipe.

  1. Heating equipment

Put a briquette stove, radiator or electric heating fan near the faucet, raise the temperature near the faucet, let the ice on the faucet melt slowly, try to unscrew the faucet, if the water comes out, let the water flow for a while, flush Ice that hasn't melted completely.

  1. Homemade faucet warm water bag

Put an appropriate amount of warm water in a fresh-keeping bag, tie it tightly, and place it above the faucet as a hot water bag.

How to prevent the faucet from freezing in winter

  1. The faucet is frozen, resulting in no water flow. The main reason is that the ambient temperature outside is too low, so we can wrap a layer of cotton and linen fabric, old cotton clothes or cotton wool on the faucet to prevent the faucet from freezing by increasing the temperature on the outside of the faucet.
  2. The freezing point of water is 0 degrees Celsius. As long as the environment where the faucet is located is higher than 0 degrees Celsius, the faucet will not be frozen. Therefore, before going to bed at night, you must close the doors and windows. Now the glass is thicker The glass has a very good thermal insulation effect. As long as the doors and windows are closed, the ambient temperature in the house will generally be above 0 degrees Celsius, which can prevent the faucet from freezing.
  3. In order to prevent the faucet from freezing, we can put heating wires on the faucet and water pipes, and use the heating wire to prevent the faucet from freezing.
  4. If our indoor temperature is difficult to reach above 0 degrees Celsius, we can close the water valve in the room when we sleep at night, and then turn on the faucet to drain the water remaining in the pipe. The next day, reopen the water valve valve when you want to use it.
  5. Another method is to turn on the faucet a little before going to bed at night to keep the faucet dripping. There is water flowing in the water pipe, and the faucet will naturally not be frozen.

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