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How to prevent the faucet from rusting

Posted on November 29 2022

1、When the normal temperature is lower than zero degrees Celsius, if you find that the handle of the faucet feels abnormal, you must scald the bathroom product with hot water until it feels normal, so that it will not affect the service life of the faucet valve core after operation.

2、The water contains a small amount of carbonic acid compound, which is easy to form scale and corrode the surface after evaporation on the metal surface. This will affect the service life of the faucet. It is very necessary to scrub the surface of the faucet with soft cotton cloth or sponge frequently. Do not use metal cleaning balls or scouring pads to clean the faucet surface, which is easy to scratch the surface of the faucet. It is also not allowed to hit the surface of the faucet with hard objects.

3、After the new faucet is closed, there will be water dripping, which is caused by the residual water in the inner cavity after the faucet is closed, which is a normal phenomenon. If the running water is dripping for a long time, it is a faucet problem. If the water is leaking, it means that the product has a quality problem.
4、It is not advisable to use too much force to switch the faucet, just roll it gently. Even if it is a traditional faucet, it doesn't take a lot of force to screw it down, just shut off the water. Also, don't use the handle as an armrest to support or use it.

The so-called stainless steel is not rust-resistant but better than iron in terms of rust resistance. Among them, there are nickel and chromium, etc. It is normal for the original battery to form rust in the presence of water. This layer of rust covers the surface of the faucet and makes it dull, and the outside is very unsightly.

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