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How to remove rust from faucet How to remove rust from faucet with potato peel

Posted on December 23 2022

How to prevent the faucet from rusting

Although the faucet has an electroplating layer to prevent rust, it does not mean that the faucet will never rust without any maintenance. No matter how good the faucet is, there will be many small holes on the electroplating layer that cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. The difference is: for high-quality products, there will be fewer small holes and smaller apertures. But if no maintenance is done, the corrosive gas produced by daily humid gas and frequently used hand sanitizer and grease will always run in from here. Over time, the material under the electroplating layer will rust and seep to the surface. The way to keep the faucet shiny and rust-free for a long time is to wipe the faucet with car wax regularly (for example, once every half a month or once a month) to seal the small holes on the surface of the electroplating layer and prevent moisture and corrosive gases from entering. Special reminder: Do not wipe the faucet with hard objects such as steel wool.

Use Potato Peel to Remove Water Tap Scale

Will there be a layer of dirt or scale on the bathroom faucet that has been used for a long time? If this is the case in your home, give up using detergents and try potato peeling, a natural, environmentally friendly, and cheap "rust removal magic weapon".

Tools/Materials Potato Skin Steps/Methods Use the peeled potato skin (the side of the meat), and repeatedly wipe the surface of the stainless steel faucet, and you will find that the dirt and scale will be slowly washed away. Then rinse the faucet with clean water. If you don't have potato peels at home, using white radish to wipe the stainless steel faucet or stove can also have the same decontamination effect.

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