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How to Remove The Basin Faucet? Precautions for The Removal of The Basin Faucet?

Posted on October 07 2022

Basin faucets are essential for kitchens and sanitary ware. When the basin faucet is blocked or damaged, it needs to be disassembled to see the fault. The question is: how to disassemble the basin faucet? What should I pay attention to when disassembling the basin faucet? Basin faucet removal method.

How to Remove The Basin Faucet?

The basin faucet is connected with the angle valve by the water inlet hose, and is fixed on the basin table by the tightening nut. When disassembling, it mainly starts from these two aspects:

  1. Before starting to disassemble the basin faucet, find the water inlet valve. The water inlet valve is usually installed on the wall below the basin. Screw on the angle valve first to cut off the water, otherwise a large amount of running water will be wasted during the process of disassembling the basin faucet;
  2. After screwing on the angle valve, there will still be some water left in the water pipe, open the faucet to drain the remaining water.
  3. When installing the basin faucet, use the water inlet hose to connect the water inlet port of the basin faucet to the angle valve. When disassembling, hold the water pipe with one hand, twist the wrench with the other hand, and remove the end of the water inlet hose connected to the basin faucet.
  4. When installing the basin faucet, it needs to be tightened after connecting the water inlet hose, and the nut will lock it. Therefore, after removing the water inlet hose, find the fastener of the basin faucet and unscrew it with pliers or a wrench. Remove the basin faucet.

Basin Faucet Removal Precautions

  1. In some households, the hose under the faucet is very deep in the pipe, and it takes a certain amount of time to disassemble it. This is because the valve plug seat may be screwed onto the faucet body during installation.
    You can use a relatively long screwdriver to unscrew the screw counterclockwise from the bottom, and then push the valve core seat and high-pressure hose out from the bottom up. Pay attention to avoid damage to the sealing ring on the valve core seat before disassembling hose;
  2. Some water inlet hoses have been used for a long time, and the water inlet hose cannot be unscrewed temporarily due to embrittlement or rusted fasteners. You can put two or three drops of oil on the rusted part, and then take out the basin faucet.

The above is the detailed disassembly process of the basin faucet. In addition, after normal use, clean the basin connection port in time to prevent sharp objects from flowing into the water inlet pipe, which can make the use longer!

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