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How to solve the dripping problem of bathroom faucets

Posted on March 14 2023

Hello there! If there is a leak in the bathroom faucet that you use, because the landlord did not explain where the leak occurred, I will probably talk about the reasons for the leak in the bathroom faucet. I hope you can help the landlord.

1. Water leak from the water nozzle: If the water leak occurs from the water nozzle, first check whether the bubble shell of the water nozzle is tightened (this phenomenon mainly appears on the newly purchased bathroom faucet); the gasket inside the bubble shell (if used Over time, the gasket will age, which will affect its sealing performance and water leakage).

2. Leakage at the rotating position of the outlet pipe: If there is leakage at this position, it is because the sealing O-ring installed on the outlet pipe and the main body is worn during long-term use, which affects the sealing performance. (This mainly appears on bathroom faucets with a long life.)

3. Leakage at the handle position: If there is water leakage at the position of the handle switch (which is considered to be more serious), because the "spool" is installed inside the handle, the valve core is equivalent to the "CPU" of the computer in the bathroom faucet. The "core" of bathroom faucets. If there is a leak here, it means that the bathroom faucet has been used for a long time. The only thing I can do is to replace another new set-bathroom faucet. Because the price of replacing a spool is enough to buy a new set of bathroom faucets (this includes many factors) ...