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How to use the basin faucet? What are the maintenance methods for installing the basin faucet?

Posted on September 16 2022

With the improvement of living standards, many owners will install a basin faucet when decorating the bathroom. The basin faucet not only facilitates our washing, but also has a certain decorative effect. How to install the basin faucet? What are the maintenance methods for the basin faucet? Find out with me below.

How to use the basin faucet?

  1. Take out the faucet and check whether all accessories are complete. Before installation, be sure to remove the dirt around the installation hole and in the water supply pipeline to ensure that there is no impurities in the water inlet pipeline. To protect the surface of the faucet from scratches, it is recommended to wear gloves for installation.
  2. Take out the rubber gasket, the gasket is used to relieve the pressure of the metal surface of the faucet in contact with the ceramic basin, to protect the ceramic basin, and then insert a water inlet pipe and tighten it.
  3. Put the threaded joint into the first water inlet hose, and then put the water inlet end of the second water inlet hose through the threaded joint.
  4. Screw the second water inlet hose into the water inlet port, pay attention to the correct direction, use a balanced force, and then tighten the threaded joint.
  5. Put the two water inlet hoses into the white rubber pad.
  6. Put on the lock nut to fix the faucet.
  7. Then tighten the sleeve.
  8. Tighten the two water inlet pipes and the angle valve interfaces respectively, and do not twist them with full force with a pipe wrench to prevent deformation or even breakage. Pay attention to the connection of hot and cold water. Connect the water outlet angle valve with the other end of the water inlet pipe.

What are the maintenance methods for the basin faucet?

  1. You can usually clean the faucet after using it. Just wash it with water directly, especially if there are oil stains on it. This cleaning is very simple. Just open the faucet and wash it with water. But it takes a month to focus on maintenance, mainly waxing the surface of the faucet, then washing it with a dry soft cloth and wiping it.
  2. When we usually clean the faucet, we can't just stare at the appearance, and think that it is enough to clean the appearance. In fact, the inside of it also needs to be cleaned, and the inside is the most important. For example, in the process of normal use, the water is not smooth or bifurcated, which means that the bubbler is blocked.
  3. Do not use iron wire balls when cleaning, because the iron wire balls are very burrs. If you brush the surface, it is easy to scratch the surface and scratch out marks, which will directly affect the aesthetics of the appearance. So when cleaning, you can use a scouring pad, or a soft rag.
  4. In addition, the choice of cleaning agent is also very important. Do not use the cleaning agent with high acid content, or rough cleaning agent and polishing friction agent. These types are harmful to the faucet because they are corrosive to a certain extent. Usually, it can be cleaned directly with clean water.

Summary: The above is the complete introduction of how to install the basin faucet and the maintenance methods of the basin faucet. Finally, I hope this article can help you.