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Installation method of hot and cold faucets Precautions for installation of hot and cold faucets

Posted on March 16 2023

With the development of science and technology, hot and cold water faucets gradually appear in every household, because of their quick hot water and convenient switching between hot and cold, which bring a lot of convenience to home users. But some people don’t know how to install hot and cold water faucets, so they have to find an installer, which requires an extra expense. In order to save you some unnecessary expenses, YOROOW Sanitary Ware will introduce to you today the installation method of hot and cold water faucets and the installation method of cold and hot water faucets. Precautions for hot water faucet installation, I hope it can help everyone.

Installation method of kitchen hot and cold water faucet

Before installation, everyone should prepare the tools that may be used. Commonly used tools: wrench, waterproof tape; in addition, check whether the supporting parts of the hot and cold water faucet are complete. Common faucet parts include: hose, rubber gasket , shower, drain, kidnapper, decorative cap, etc.

Installation method of hot and cold water faucet for kitchen sink:

Washing vegetables and dishes in the kitchen in winter is a very painful thing. If you install a kitchen hot and cold water faucet at this time, you can prevent cold hands when washing vegetables in winter. In the kitchen, only the vegetable basin and the sink need to be installed with hot and cold water faucets. The installation of this kind of faucet is relatively simple. Generally, there are two hoses, copper buckles, rubber pads, faucets and other accessories. Put the copper buckle and rubber pad into the soft Pipe, let’s talk about connecting one end of the hose to the hole of the vegetable sink, then pass the rubber pad into the hose, pass the copper wire into the hose, and then fix the faucet on the copper wire pipe. At the same time, the copper wire should be fixed firmly. Finally, put it into the hole interface of the vegetable sink, then tighten it, and then connect the same hose to the water outlet. It is best to mark the cold water pipe, otherwise it will be very wrong to use.

Bathroom hot and cold water faucet installation method:

The hot and cold water faucet is also a must-have installation place in the bathroom. When installing, you need to indicate the hot and cold water pipes separately. Generally, the red mark on the left is connected to hot water, and the blue mark on the right is connected to cold water; Wrench to tighten. Then turn on the faucet to test whether there is running water according to the first cold and then hot test. The hook of the bathroom shower is generally installed and adjusted according to the height of the user. The hand-shaped vertical hand-held shower is a relatively common type of shower. The installation height is generally 2050mm-2200mm, and the height of the ceiling shower is generally 2100mm-2300mm, it is necessary to consider the height of frequent users when installing.

Precautions for installation of hot and cold water faucets

The faucet needs to first check whether the interface is complete, not broken or incomplete, followed by installation tools, cold and hot water faucet installation tools generally include: adjustable wrench, waterproof tape (white); secondly, check whether the spare parts in the faucet package are complete , Spare parts generally include hoses, rubber pads, showers, drain pipes, decorative caps, etc. If the packaging is insufficient or the accessories are insufficient, you can first add the accessories before installing.

The above is a brief introduction to the installation method of the hot and cold faucet and the precautions for the installation of the hot and cold faucet. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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