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Installation method of washing machine faucet Size of washing machine faucet

Posted on December 20 2022

The faucet of the washing machine refers to the faucet that is connected to the water inlet of the washing machine and provides a water inlet channel for the washing machine. How to install the washing machine faucet at home? What is the size of the washing machine faucet? This article introduces them one by one.

Types of washing machine faucets

The faucet of the washing machine is divided into according to the material: brass, zinc alloy plus copper tube, plastic, iron, stainless steel. There are also differences in the price of the main body of the faucet of different materials. The brass material is the superior material, the quality is guaranteed, and it is durable. The price will be higher than other materials. If the material is the same, the price difference is mainly reflected in the craftsmanship and shape. Users can choose faucets of different materials according to their personal needs.

Washing machine faucet size

The water pipe 25*1/2 means that its outer diameter is 25. The actual corresponding nominal diameter is DN20 (6 pipes). You can choose a 6-point faucet, or you can buy a 4-point faucet (just add a variable diameter between the pipe and the faucet).

How to install the washing machine faucet

  1. When installing the faucet of the washing machine, first take out the accessories of the water inlet pipe of the washing machine, slide down the slider of the water inlet pipe joint, and separate the joint from the water inlet pipe. Then unscrew the screw that fixes the faucet on the water inlet pipe joint, loosen the nut on the plastic joint, and expose about 3-4 turns of thread.
  2. Put the inlet pipe joint on the faucet, fix the interface and the faucet with a washer, tighten the screw with a screwdriver, and then tighten the nut on the plastic interface. Then connect the water inlet pipe to the water inlet, connect the other end of the water inlet pipe to the water inlet of the washing machine and tighten the nuts, and the installation can be completed.
  3. During the installation of the faucet of the washing machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the integrity of the mouth of the faucet. When tightening the faucet and the water pipe interface, do not use excessive force to avoid thread damage and water leakage. After installation, turn on the faucet in time to check for water leakage. If there is water leakage, it needs to be reinstalled.

How to choose a washing machine faucet

  1. Turn the handle: it feels light and the valve core is good

Common faucet spools include steel ball spools and ceramic spools. The steel ball spool has good pressure resistance, but the disadvantage is that the rubber sealing ring that acts as a seal is easy to wear and age quickly. Compared with the steel ball spool, the ceramic spool is more heat-resistant and wear-resistant. At the same time, the ceramic spool itself has good sealing performance, so it can achieve a high resistance to opening times, and will not cause the nozzle to drip due to the wear of the spool. The faucet with ceramic valve core is more comfortable and smooth to the touch, and it opens and closes quickly.

Since the spool is inside the faucet, consumers cannot see the spool when purchasing, but consumers can simply judge whether the spool is good or not based on the feel when turning the handle. Generally speaking, turn the potato cake up and down, left and right, if it feels light and has no sense of blockage, it means that the valve core is better.

  1. Look at the appearance: the coating should be as bright as a mirror

After the faucet is ground and polished, the surface should be plated with nickel or chrome to prevent oxidation of the faucet. After nickel or chrome plating, the medium-sized hydrochloric acid test should be carried out on the faucet. After the test, the coating should be free of rust within a certain period of time. It is understood that only faucets that pass the neutral salt spray test can leave the factory.

When purchasing, it is best to place the faucet in a place with sufficient light for inspection. The surface of the faucet should be as bright as a mirror, without any oxidation spots, burnt marks, no pores, no foaming, no missing plating, and uniform color; There are no burrs and sand particles to the touch; after pressing the faucet with your fingers, the fingerprints will quickly disperse, and it is not easy to attach dirt.

  1. To test: the quality is more guaranteed

The body of the faucet is generally brass. The electroplating quality of products made of brass is the most guaranteed. The higher the purity of the brass, the better the electroplating quality, and the less likely the electroplating layer on the surface will be corroded. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers choose zinc alloy instead of brass. Generally speaking, you can use the method of estimating the weight to identify when purchasing. Brass is heavier and harder, and zinc alloy is lighter and softer.

Experts remind that the quality of a faucet should not be judged by weight alone, because some manufacturers can also make the faucet heavier by increasing the wall thickness of the faucet or adding other metal materials. It is best to ask the salesperson for the test report of the product. If the test report confirms that the product is qualified, then "the problem is not big".

  1. Test water flow: subject to abundant foaming

When purchasing, you should try to choose a faucet with a bubbler, and feel the water flow with your hands. The water flow is soft and foaming (water flow bubble content) is rich, indicating that the quality of the bubbler is better. The bubbler generally has six layers and is usually composed of a metal mesh cover (some of which is plastic). When the water flows through the mesh cover, it will be cut into a large number of small water columns with air in the middle, so that the water will not be fragmented.

  1. Brand recognition: after-sales service is guaranteed

Finally, everyone should go to regular markets and supermarkets to buy branded water dragon pictures. Branded products all have the brand logo of the manufacturer, and informal products or inferior products often only have some paper labels, or even no marks. There should also be the manufacturer's brand logo, quality assurance certificate and after-sales service in the faucet packing box.

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