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Introduction to basin faucet

Posted on March 20 2023

Nanan bathroom manufacturers to provide basin mixer products, the use of ceramic valve core, zinc alloy shell, the surface of chrome-plated, quality assurance. products are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Russia and the Middle East in the end market. Welcome to any foreign trade companies or foreign trade SOHO consult our basin faucet products, if more orders, then there are price concessions. We provide OEM and ODM services. Nanan bathroom manufacturers YOROOW sincerely welcome customers to visit the Company, Guangzhou and Yiwu around the city's customers, our sales staff will bring basin faucet sample to visit you.

Basin faucet installed in the wash basin, used in cold water, hot water or hot and cold mixed water. Basin mixer in the shape of the characteristics of its outlet is shorter, lower, mainly for people to clean, wash clothes. Its structure includes screw lift basin mixer, metal ball valve basin faucet, ceramic spool-type basin faucet and so on. Good quality basin faucet Its main body is made of zinc alloy or brass, the appearance of a chrome, gold-plated and a variety of colors of paint, modeling a wide variety. Handle with a single handle and double handle, open the way with rotary, press, automatic induction type and so on.