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Is it really easy to use a pull-out faucet for kitchen and bathroom decoration?

Posted on March 07 2023

When decorating and renovating the kitchen and bathroom space, many hardware facilities will be arranged, among which the faucet is a relatively important facility. The current faucet is not only the traditional function of turning on and off the water, but also adds some additional functions, such as pull-out, then Is this faucet practical for everyday use?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of whether the faucet should be pulled or not?

We use traditional faucets to wash vegetables and fruits in the kitchen. If the height is not controlled correctly, water will splash everywhere. Especially when washing fruits and peaches, some peach hairs will be splashed everywhere. If sprayed on human skin it can cause very itchy allergies. To wash some pots and utensils, you can pull out the faucet and rinse close to the pots and utensils without causing water splashes.

In addition to the kitchen and bathroom, it can also be installed. The bathroom is equipped with a pull-out faucet. First of all, it is more convenient to wash hair. It is suitable for the elderly and children. Pull it out for cleaning, and women have long hair. It is very convenient to use this kind of faucet. Some faucets can adjust the water outlet and turn the faucet into a shower, so washing hair will be more convenient.

There are many advantages to the pull-out faucet, but there are also disadvantages. The disadvantage is that the hose is easy to be damaged if it is often pulled. In addition, if the faucet that can change the water outlet is easy to block, if the installation is not in place, it will lead to the situation that it cannot be pulled back. There are also some people who think that they can use the faucet to clean the corners of the bathroom. In fact, it is not practical, because the pressure of some family faucets is not very high, and it cannot achieve the effect of flushing. If you want to flush the dead corners of the bathroom, it is better to use a toilet spray gun. , that is more stressful and more convenient. In addition, the price is more expensive than ordinary faucets.

Is the pull-out faucet easy to break? how to fix it

Compared with the traditional faucet, the pull-out faucet is easier to break, because it has many functions and accessories, and there will be problems when it is used frequently. First, the pull-out hose, and secondly, the water outlet is easy to cause blockage. There is also the internal valve core of the faucet, which is the same as the traditional faucet, and there will be no problem if you choose a better one. Once there is a problem in these places, it is almost impossible to repair, and the price of buying accessories is relatively high, it is better to buy new ones, and installation and maintenance are also more troublesome, requiring professionals to repair.

How to choose a convenient and durable faucet

Faucets that are prone to problems are basically of poor quality, so when we choose a pull-out faucet, it is best to choose a big brand with guaranteed quality.

When we buy a faucet, we must first look at what material the faucet is made of. The better material is nylon fiber. This material has a longer service life. It is best not to use metal hoses. The frequent use of this material Pulling will cause tripping, and the effect of using it is not very good. The length of the hose is preferably 40 to 60 cm. If it is too short, it cannot be pulled out. If it is too long, it is not easy to go back, and it will cause jamming.

Whether it is a pull-out faucet or a traditional faucet, the internal valve core is very important. Generally, the cheaper ones use plastic valve cores, which will cause damage or easily cause blockage after a short period of use. In addition, metal is easy to rust, which will also cause blockage and leakage. It is best to choose a ceramic valve core, which will have a longer service life.

Finally, let’s talk about the installation method. If you find it troublesome, you can ask a master to install it. Generally, the master will install it for you during the renovation. Those with strong hands-on ability can install it by themselves. The installation is not very complicated, just follow the steps in the manual.

What you should pay attention to when installing the joint yourself is that when installing the joint, you must first wrap the raw tape and then add the gasket so that there will be no water leakage, and then tighten it firmly with a wrench. There is also the installation of the gravity ball, pay attention to the installation position, generally installed at one-third of the hose. This gravity ball is very important, and it is related to whether the faucet can be retracted smoothly when it is pulled out.

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