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Is the electric faucet safe? Electric faucet purchase and installation knowledge solution

Posted on December 13 2022

Electric faucet principle

The electric faucet includes the faucet body and the water flow control switch. The faucet body is provided with a heating chamber and an electrical control chamber. The electrical control chamber and the heating chamber are separated by a sealing plate. The electrical control chamber is provided with a heating circuit. There is a heating tube, the power of the heating tube is generally 2-3KW, and the hot water can be heated in 5-10 seconds. The heating tube is connected to the heating circuit. It is characterized in that: the heating tube is an insulated heating tube; the insulated heating tube is Water and electricity isolated insulated heating tube; most of the faucet body is high temperature resistant engineering plastic type, a few are all metal type; the electrical control chamber is equipped with an insulated water pressure switch; the heating circuit is equipped with an electrical switch, and the end of the electrical switch and the insulated water pressure switch Connection, water and electricity, water and power cut off; the heating circuit is equipped with a temperature controller and an anti-dry device; the heating circuit is also equipped with a leakage protection switch.

Are electric hot water faucets safe?

Is the electric hot water faucet safe? I believe this question is of concern to many friends. Because electric heating faucets use electric energy to heat, many friends are more worried about whether the faucet will conduct electricity. In fact, many electric heating faucet products now have a better guarantee for preventing leakage. Among them, such as photoceramic technology, the special material used in photoceramic technology can not only reduce the power loss of ordinary metal materials, but more importantly, it plays an important role in guaranteeing the safety of the human body. Photoceramic technology is different from ordinary electric heaters. Experts have tested that even if it is exposed to water, it will not cause leakage accidents, and there is also the application of leakage protection plugs, double protection.
General safety protection measures for electric faucets:

  1. Double isolation of water and electricity, high voltage resistance above 1500V - not afraid of "in case"
  2. The insurance company undertakes product liability insurance—more assured to use
  3. Main body grounding - traditional and reliable protection measures
  4. Double anti-dry design - to ensure that only the running water is heated
  5. Professional tile design—not afraid of damage to the switch by ultra-high water pressure
  6. High-sensitivity leakage protector - protect your safety with technology
    Points for users to pay attention to:
  7. First of all, it is necessary to confirm whether the product has 3C certification. This is a mandatory certification of national product quality. If there is no such thing, how can we start with safety?
  8. Strictly follow the instruction manual when using
  9. The machine must be connected to an effective grounding wire
  10. If there is no air switch at home, it is recommended to use a leakage protection socket

Of course, it is very important that electric water heaters involve some technical requirements after all. When purchasing, you should choose products from companies with better technology and brands, so that you can use them with more confidence.

To avoid the occurrence of electric hot water faucet safety accidents, we can also start from the following aspects:

First, how to use the electric faucet

  1. When the newly installed electric faucet is used for the first time, it is best to clean the pipe with a toothbrush, and then screw the faucet to the maximum. Use the pressure of tap water to flush the dirt out of the pipes. This will not only ensure cleanliness, but also prevent the electric hot water faucet from being blocked.
  2. After installing the electric hot water faucet, adjust the handle to the cold water position, then open the main valve, and plug in the power after seeing the water coming out from the hot water side. In the later use process, there is no need to Unplug the power plug and don't have to clean it.

Second, precautions for the installation of electric faucets

  1. Electric faucet brand products cannot be wiped with a wet towel, but should be wiped with a pure cotton rag
  2. Do not use acidic or alkaline substances for cleaning. Because the electric faucet is painted, and the acid and alkali substances will react with it
  3. Do not wipe the electric faucet with burrs. Wipe the surface of the electric faucet with a towel with burrs, which will leave lint and cause an unsightly appearance. After the burrs rot, they will decompose and corrode the chemical substances of the electric faucet.

How to choose the right electric water faucet?

  1. Quality first

No matter how good the appearance is, it is not as practical as stable quality. It is recommended to choose a merchant with many years of sales experience. Merchants with physical stores are stronger and their sales are guaranteed. It depends on the repair rate of a product, the most authentic data is the feedback from local users, because the local service is generally door-to-door service, and the merchant knows it clearly, the bigger the sales volume, the more accurate it is.

The online ones are generally purchased in small batches or sold on consignment, and even they themselves don’t know which one is of better quality. We can only firmly believe that the overall quality of a product is the result of long-term use by users, rather than blown out by mouth.

  1. Only buy the most suitable

Only when the variety is complete can buyers be provided with greater choice space, and comprehensive installation knowledge is also required to recommend the most suitable one to buyers. Don't buy expensive ones, only buy the most suitable ones. Just like the installation state of an old-fashioned house is more complicated, such as the interweaving of multiple water pipes, the installation space, whether the nozzle length is appropriate, etc., all directly affect the long-term use effect of the user.

  1. It depends on whether there is a warranty period:

(1)General merchants on the Internet do not have warranty capabilities. The so-called warranty refers to the manufacturer's warranty, which is equivalent to no warranty, but it has a price advantage.

(2)If the merchant provides warranty service, the risk of after-sales service will increase a lot, and the higher price is reasonable. The seller’s warranty service is like an insurance company, and the buyer spends a small amount of money to buy insurance.

(3)Online sellers are generally consignment sales or small-batch purchases, so there is no strength at all. Online competition is fierce and the fittest will survive.

In addition, when purchasing an electric faucet, you should combine the decoration style and the installation space to make the right choice! Hope these suggestions can help you choose the most suitable electric water faucet for you.

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