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It turns out that the faucet is so simple and clean

Posted on October 20 2022

The faucet is necessary for every household, and it is also the most direct and main source of water in the home. Therefore, when decorating, you must choose a faucet of qualified quality, and you must clean the faucet frequently during use. So how to clean the faucet is simple and clean, let me share with you some practical tips for netizens.

  1. Do not wipe the surface of the faucet with hard objects such as steel balls, which are easy to scratch the surface of the faucet and affect the appearance.
    Since the water outlet of the old-fashioned faucet can be removed, the inside of this faucet is the most likely to hide dirt and breed bacteria, especially in summer, it is easy to bring harm to the health of the family. At this time, you can often remove the water outlet and soak it in white vinegar or detergent for sterilization and cleaning.
    3. For the rusty faucet surface, you can wipe it with a cut lemon, because citric acid can stimulate the rust to soften and cause a chemical reaction. After wiping, rinse with clean water, it will be bright and clean without stains.
  2. Potato skins peeled from cooking are a good natural cleaner. Gently wipe the meaty side on the faucet, and you will make some oil stains on it disappear. Because potato peels contain natural carbonic substances and various minerals, the starch itself also has a cleaning effect, whether it is cleaning silver jewelry or iron products at home, the effect is very obvious.
  3. The friction particles contained in the toothpaste can easily remove some difficult-to-remove dirt, such as rust and scale under the faucet, which can be easily wiped clean.
    6. Wrap the faucet with a towel and pour the white vinegar on the towel. Since the towel will absorb the white vinegar, the contact area between the white vinegar and the faucet will be increased. Then wipe the faucet again with a towel, you will find it is very clean.
  4. Use a professional degreasing and descaling cleaner, spray it gently on the faucet and wipe it, it will be very clean, especially in summer, the effect of cleaning gas stoves, range hoods, and oil stains on the walls is very good.

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