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Pull-Out Faucets | Corner Cleaners

Posted on September 27 2022

Do you have such troubles? The kitchen sink is greasy because the meat is washed. When I wanted to clean it, I found that the corners of the sink were difficult to clean, and it was very troublesome to clean.

In order to avoid this from happening, the selection of kitchen faucets plays a crucial role. What faucet is there to prevent this from happening? The pull-out faucet can be cleaned at multiple angles of 360°. Don't underestimate any accessory, a small accessory, the wrong choice may affect the happiness of life.

360 degree kitchen experience

The pull-out faucet pulls the stainless steel hose out of the spout, swivels up to 360°, and the spout can easily reach where you need to flush or use water. Whether you want to add water for cooking, watering flowers, or washing dishes, the water flow can be easily reached, which is really convenient and fast. With a single touch, you can flexibly change the columnar water output and the water spray, which can easily solve the problem of kitchen cleaning.

A variety of water outlet methods

The pull-out faucet has 2 water outlet modes, the first is columnar water outlet, and the second is jet water outlet. The columnar water outlet range is small and gentle, suitable for cleaning vegetables and fruits, without worrying about damage to vegetables and fruits due to the impact of water flow. The jetted water is more suitable for cleaning and sanitation, with strong water pressure and a wide range of water splashes, which can clean small corners that cannot be cleaned on weekdays.

Exquisite craftsmanship coating technology

People's cooking habit is to put more oil when cooking, and long-term oil fume will produce oil stains. The faucet is easily stained with oil and water stains, and after repeated cleaning, the surface of the faucet can easily lose its original metallic luster. The pull-out faucet adopts a special coating treatment technology, which will not fade even if it is brushed with detergent. The pull-out faucet is very durable, lead-free, effectively eliminates harmful metals, and ensures health and harmlessness.

Control the precise return position at will

When cooking vegetables, after pulling out the faucet and adding water, I don't want to go back to the sink and put the faucet back. The pull-out faucet has an automatic return function. After use, as long as the faucet is released, it will automatically return to the main body.

Minimalist appearance, a faucet with innovative design, giving you a new visual experience. The diversification of functions makes the kitchen space more convenient and fast. Make "washing" precise and labor-saving, handy, YOROOW is only for you who understand life.