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Posted on September 21 2022

When decorating the kitchen and bathroom, everyone is very concerned about large items such as range hoods, stoves, washbasins, and water heaters. In fact, as the two areas where water is used most frequently in the whole house, small objects such as faucets are more should be taken seriously.

The composition of the faucet

Generally speaking, the faucet is divided into four parts: water outlet, control, fixed and water inlet.

The faucet is fixed on the basin, sink, etc. by the fixed parts. The water enters the control part through the water inlet hose. Then we adjust the water temperature and water volume through the control part, and then the water flows out through the water outlet. The operation process is probably like this.

Types of faucets

Faucets are divided according to their structure and can be divided into single, double and triple.

  • Single type: can be connected to cold water pipe or hot water pipe;
    ● Duplex type: It can connect two hot and cold pipes at the same time, and is mostly used in the faucet of the bathroom vanity and the kitchen sink with hot water supply;
  • Triple type: In addition to connecting the two pipes of hot and cold water, it can also be connected to the shower head, mainly used for the faucet of the bathtub.
  • Single handle: adjust the temperature of hot and cold water through one handle;
  • Double handle: It is necessary to adjust the cold water pipe and the hot water pipe respectively to adjust the water temperature.

Where to install the faucet

Kitchen sink: The faucet of the kitchen sink is generally selected with an elbow, and the elbow can be rotated 360°, so that the water outlet of the faucet will not be touched frequently when cleaning vegetables and tableware.

Bathroom space: shower area, bathtub, basin, we usually install faucets in these three positions in the bathroom. The shower area mainly uses triple faucets, with two water outlet positions; the faucets at the bathtub position generally choose the faucets with fast water output, such as waterfall faucets; the faucets in the basin are better with double faucets, so that you don’t need to wash your face in winter. Turn on the hot water heater on purpose.

How to turn on the faucet

According to the opening method, the faucet has several types: screw type, wrench type, lift type, induction type and push type.

  • Spiral type: it needs to be rotated many times when opening, and it is easy to loosen after a long time;
  • Wrench type: generally need to rotate 90 degrees;
  • Lift type: lift up to get out of the water;
  • Induction type: You don't need to control the switch through the handle, but if you want to continuously discharge water, you can only keep the handle near the induction area;
  • Press type: It is more common in public places, and the water should be kept by pressing several times.

The material of the faucet

  1. Zinc alloy faucet

Zinc alloy has low melting point, strong plasticity, and good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere. It is mostly used to make handles for faucets or some hardware pendants for bathrooms. However, the corrosion resistance of zinc alloys in water is not good, unless extremely high purity zinc and alloys made of aluminum, magnesium and copper are used.

  1. Stainless steel faucet

The stainless steel faucet does not need electroplating, the surface can be polished, it feels smooth and delicate, does not contain lead, is corrosion-resistant, hardly rusts, and is relatively durable.

  1. All copper faucet

One advantage of using copper as a faucet is that the bactericidal effect of copper ions can purify the water source.

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